Published 2021-10-29
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Facebook Changes Its Name To Meta, In A Desperate Attempt To Save Its Reputation!

Recently news has broken out that the creator of Facebook is about to change not only the image of the site but also its name. One of the most popular and recognizable platforms in the world of social media is currently undergoing many changes as its creator Mark Zuckerberg is allegedly desperate to try and save the reputation of the site. Especially after the famous Facebook whistleblower had leaked hundreds of internal and private documents, thus making the credibility of the platform go downhill. What does the brand new name ‘Meta’ mean? What are the new changes that will be adapted? What other company, that was involved in the death of several people had to change its name in order to save its reputation?

Facebook Name Change

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg has recently made statements that he will be changing the name of his corporation to Meta, leaving the name Facebook aside. As many of you know the corporation name also includes other platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp, as well as its Quest VR headset, its Horizon VR platform. Though it will not just be the name of the network that will be changing as there will be some legal and financial effects to this, as they will change the name under which they will trade stocks to MVRS on December 1st this year.

Why The Change?

Since then, there have been many speculations surrounding the changes that the company is undergoing. Mainly it has been said that this is a desperate change to recover some of Facebook’s reputation and in a way to try and have a ‘fresh start’. It all comes after a series of controversies and problems that even had some legal issues. Other complaints in recent years included the rampant and unchecked spread of fake news, poor filters in content management, and as a result of the above, negative effects that this had on the mental health of its users. In addition to all this, Zuckerberg had said that this imminent change of name is only to cover all the things that his corporation currently does that is more than just the platform Facebook.

The Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg, who had founded Facebook back in 2004, has made it known that his plan to build a “metaverse is taking shape”. He described it literally as a place where people can play, work, communicate, and all through a virtual space. In his own words, the creator had said, “From now on, we will be metaverse-first, not Facebook-first. That means that over time you won’t need a Facebook account to use our other services. As our new brand starts showing up in our products, I hope people around the world come to know the Meta brand and the future we stand for.”

Metaverse - More Than Just Social Media

New York-born Zuckerberg, 37, explained that with the experience he has gained throughout his time in the social media sphere, he and his team hope that Meta can be seen as a “metaverse company” because he wants to improve its work and how people identify with the brand. When announcing the news he had said that they are now analyzing and reporting on their business as two different segments. One for their social media apps and the other one for any future platforms they might come up with at a later date.

Will This Change Facebook?

As part of the above plans, the company has made updates to its social media pages starting with a new profile photo and name for Meta on Twitter. Immediately following Zuckerberg’s announcement a post appeared on their social media that read, “The metaverse is the next evolution of social connection. It's a collective project that will be created by people all over the world, and open to everyone. You’ll be able to socialize, learn, collaborate and play in ways that go beyond what’s possible today.” With all these ambitious changes to the company, many had wondered how it would affect their already existing social media sites, however as the company added, it will change nothing with regards to their already existing platforms.

Facebook COVID-19 Controversy

Coincidentally the new company name has been announced around the time that controversy is going around Facebook and the fact that the company had allegedly withheld important, key data about power, the spread of COVID, and vaccine misinformation. To this company spokesperson, Aaron Simpson had said in a press release that the company has worked to promote reliable information about the coronavirus throughout the pandemic and that as a result of which the vaccine hesitancy among U.S. Facebook users has gone down by 50 percent since January. Though with the fast spread of fake news, he did note that it was not an easy task.

Facebook’s Defence and Explanation

Continuing on to defend the company’s actions Simpson went on to add there is no silver bullet to fighting misinformation and because as a result of which they had taken a comprehensive approach that included removing more than 20 million pieces of content that have been deemed as breaking their COVID misinformation policies. On top of that, they had permanently banned thousands of repeat offenders from their services and ensured that they connected more than 2 billion people with reliable information about the disease and vaccines and they did all that by partnering with independent fact-checkers.

Scandals That Made Companies Change Their Names

However, this is not the first time that the company had faced some serious accusations, even among all the other controversies it faces, one of the most delicate ones is that as a company Facebook does nothing to protect its users from abusers and predators, as well as the platform being involved in the middle of a genocide scandal, as well as instances of human trafficking and the handling of user data. Though it is not the first time that a company had to change its corporate name due to some kind of scandal or controversy. For example, Philip Morris, who was the producer of Marlboro cigarettes as well as food products had changed its name to Altria Group in 2001 because it wanted to better reflect the difference between their different operating units. Another controversial name change involved the airline company ValuJet that had later become AirTran after one of its planes crashed in 1996.

Significance Of The New Name

But now if some of you are wondering what the meaning of the new corporate name is then we have got you covered. The world Meta comes from the Greek word meaning beyond. But besides that, Zuckerberg has also written a “Founders Letter” that was uploaded to the Meta website and in which he explains in much more detail the name he chose. In his own words, he wrote, “For me, it symbolizes that there is always more to build, and there is always a next chapter to the story. Ours is a story that started in a dorm room and grew beyond anything we imagined; into a family of apps that people use to connect with one another, to find their voice, and to start businesses, communities, and movements that have changed the world.”

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