Published 2021-10-29
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In Indonesia, they pull the dead from their graves, wash them, dress them up and feast!

The dead treated like the living

On the island of Celebes, funeral processions led by zombies are nothing new. In the local Toraja community, tradition dictates that the deceased are buried in their home village, and if they happen to leave this world far away, they must be brought back. Nowadays the procession transporting the deceased moves by car, but in the past, the corpse was put on its feet and supported under its arms, and led to the family home. There the funeral rites could take place. This is not a cheap ceremony and some families have to save for months to bury their loved ones, during which time the body is stored in rooms near the house and preserved with formaldehyde.

Their Beliefs

The Toraja believe that a person becomes dead only after the funeral is celebrated, so while waiting for the ceremony, the deceased are treated as an ordinary household member. Food and drink are served, lit cigarettes are placed in his mouth, and relatives and friends come to "talk" with the corpse. They are dressed in festive clothes and often seated at the front door of the house so that everyone has a chance to see them. When money is finally raised for the funeral, the burial may finally take place.

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