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8 Year Old Dating 13 Year Old. He Posted Photos Of Her In Underwear To Instagram?

In recent years with the rise of social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram children are exposed to things that maybe, normally they wouldn’t see in their day-to-day lives. And as a result of this, some children try to act a little bit older than they are. And recently a pair of child influencers and bloggers from Ukraine had caused a stir in their native country as well as online. And all because the 8-year-old and 13-year-old had announced that they were dating and had posted some rather inappropriate photos to their social media. Who are the children in question? Are their parents encouraging this behavior? And why did a former politician claim police should be involved? Read on to find out about the pair that had caused a lot of controversies.

The Rise of Child Influencers

In recent years, there has been a rise in family vlogging and child influencers. Whether it’s something that kids want to do after watching their favorite vloggers or other influencers or whether the parents make them do it for one reason or another, it is a topic that has strongly divided people. Some claim that it’s just fun for the children, while others claim that parents force their children into this because they know there is a lot of money involved. Not surprising since child YouTubers such as RyansWorld, had their careers take off, which resulted in brand deals, having his own show on Nickelodeon, and amassed a net worth of $32 million. Recently there has been a lot of controversy involving the singer Pink and children YouTuber Piper Rockelle whom she accused of acting inappropriate for her age and posting inappropriate content to her Instagram and you can find out more about the whole case in the video below. Though if you want to know about the latest couple that had caused a stir to make sure to read on until the end.

Who Is Milana Makhanets?

While in the cases of child influencers like Piper Rockelle, internet users are accusing the parents of exploiting children, over in Ukraine there has been another social media star causing a stir in her own right. The young girl in question is called Milana Makhanets who is 8-years-old and whose internet fame was largely built by her mother. She is the person that many Ukrainian and Russian kids and teens will be familiar with after she gained fame thanks to having over 70,0000 followers on Likee, which is a Singaporean video-sharing app equivalent to TikTok and one that is popular with the kids in those countries. On her Instagram account, which is run by her mother, 8-year-old has over 568,000 followers. According to Ukrainian media reports, Milana also works as a model and often participates in children’s fashion shows and models childrenswear. Her mother has been posting on the Instagram page since the young girl was only 4-years-old.

Who is Pasha Pai?

When the conversation about Milana got heated, it was with regards to a 13-year-old boy named Pavel ‘Pasha’ Pai. According to media posts about him, the blogger and social media influencer from Ukraine but allegedly he currently lives in Moscow. He has over 108,000 followers on Instagram and over 11,000 on his TikTok profile. However, what has shocked internet users the most about Pasha is the fact that he is in a relationship with Milana. But that in itself, wasn’t the worst thing according to social media users, read on to find out what else had happened.

Milana & Pasha - Is It A Joke?

A while back, before the news about the two kids blew up, Milana took to her Instagram, and in a since-deleted posted she revealed that she was now in a relationship, announcing that she was dating Pasha. Some local media had reported that despite the fact these two went official this year, their relationship had been going on for some time, but that has not been confirmed by either of them. Now as if a relationship at such a young age wasn’t shocking enough, some had tried to defend it by claiming that it might just be the kids messing around since there had been some photo’s which have been deleted, that had caused quite a big stir and showed that this might be more than just kids having a laugh or something planned by their parents to get more people talking about these social media stars.

Milana & Pasha - Deleted Photos

Being a pair of young influencers and social media stars this young pair had been documenting their relationship and some of the photos they had posted had been labeled as highly inappropriate. In one pic that has since been deleted, the two were allegedly seen kissing and even sleeping in the same bed. Though it was a photo of the two kids in a bathroom, shackled together at the hands by some chain, brushing their teeth that had caused the whole thing to blow up and made some parents force their children to stop following these social media stars. What else was featured in that photo you ask? The photograph in question had shown the 8-year-old in her underwear. Once the two started getting some heat from both their fans and people from around the world, they promptly deleted the aforementioned pictures. But what shocked even more than the photos was Milana’s mom’s reaction. What did she say? You can find out on the next page.

Milana’s Mom Speaks Up

A local news site, Eadaily, had reported that the two minors had “married” each other in a pretend ceremony, which was allegedly encouraged by their parents, as they would believe the story would generate a lot of income. It was also revealed that the two had also moved in together, though that has not been confirmed by either party. In light of the rumors that it was all to generate income, the parents of both children had allegedly denied these claims. Now speaking about the photos that many deemed inappropriate to be on social media pages of such young kids many had pointed out that according to the description on her page, Milana’s mom Darya is the one who runs it and therefore publishes the pics herself. Though as per the site Kyiv VGorode she allegedly claimed that she sees no problem with their relationship saying, “This is their life, and they will figure it out on their own.” Defending the ‘moving in rumors’ the woman also said it was taken out of context and that Mila was just going for a sleepover with Pasha and that it was a ‘family visit’ as they are ‘all friends’.

Milana’s Dad Is Shocked

While for the most part, everyone had been talking about Milana’s mom and the fact she supports their relationship and the things they post on social media, it turns out her dad has a completely different opinion. According to 7 News, the girl’s dad, who is divorced from her mother Darya, has revealed that he is “shocked” by the romance and the fact that his ex would even support it. He said he is now trying to get in touch with his daughter and offer her his help because according to him, “this is all, to put it mildly, very wrong”. But there had been a former politician and a lawyer that had been involved, so what did they have to say?

Former Politician Speaks Out

When the news about this influencer couple had gone viral, Ukrainian journalist and former politician Igor Mosiychuk had taken to his Facebook page and commented on this scandal noting that the entire situation “requires the immediate intervention of the National Police”. He went on to add that all this promotion on both Mila and Pasha’s social networks is very close to child pornography and is a breeding ground, which just like honey, attracts and stimulates pedophiles to act.

Lawyers Throw In Their Two Cents

A lawyer and criminologist, Anna Malyar had also taken to social media to comment on this case where she pointed out that parents are behaving almost negligently towards their children also adding that a “mother made a seductive woman out of an eight-year-old girl for perverts”. She also pointed out that this is dangerous for her followers, given that they are all young and that they are all easily influenced. Malyar commented on the fact that many of the children will see Milana as an idol and try to imitate her and become easy prey for pedophiles. To end her post she added that this goes against the normal sexual development of children.

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