Published 2021-11-03
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8 Year Old Dating 13 Year Old. He Posted Photos Of Her In Underwear To Instagram?

Milana & Pasha - Is It A Joke?

A while back, before the news about the two kids blew up, Milana took to her Instagram, and in a since-deleted posted she revealed that she was now in a relationship, announcing that she was dating Pasha. Some local media had reported that despite the fact these two went official this year, their relationship had been going on for some time, but that has not been confirmed by either of them. Now as if a relationship at such a young age wasn’t shocking enough, some had tried to defend it by claiming that it might just be the kids messing around since there had been some photo’s which have been deleted, that had caused quite a big stir and showed that this might be more than just kids having a laugh or something planned by their parents to get more people talking about these social media stars.

Milana & Pasha - Deleted Photos

Being a pair of young influencers and social media stars this young pair had been documenting their relationship and some of the photos they had posted had been labeled as highly inappropriate. In one pic that has since been deleted, the two were allegedly seen kissing and even sleeping in the same bed. Though it was a photo of the two kids in a bathroom, shackled together at the hands by some chain, brushing their teeth that had caused the whole thing to blow up and made some parents force their children to stop following these social media stars. What else was featured in that photo you ask? The photograph in question had shown the 8-year-old in her underwear. Once the two started getting some heat from both their fans and people from around the world, they promptly deleted the aforementioned pictures. But what shocked even more than the photos was Milana’s mom’s reaction. What did she say? You can find out on the next page.

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