Published 2021-11-05
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Woman Recognizes Herself In A Photo Of A Girl Missing Since 2000!

Who Is Kim Parker?

Back in 2019, Brittany’s aunt, Brenda Martin, had spoken with WWBT during a report on the case and she touched upon Kim saying that the woman “basically pounced” on the mother and daughter, saying “I can do this for you”. From what Brenda had said, Parker had an independent foster home which was called Rainbow Kids. Later when the charitable woman’s case went to court, attorneys would reveal that she had taken in as many as 50 children throughout the 1990s and many of them, like Brittany, had serious medical conditions. And so, believing that Parker would provide the best possible care for her daughter, Thompson had signed over custody rights in 1996. Shortly after, she had passed away as a result of her illness when the little girl was just 3-years-old. Despite the death of her mother, and Brittany being ill herself, her aunt Brenda would later recall that she was a “happy child”.

Kim Parker - True Colors

As the years went by, some worrying things had started coming out about the woman and her Rainbow Kids home. According to reports, the home was later described by witnesses as filthy and unkempt. Allegedly child protective services were also called many times over concerns of child neglect. In addition to all this, Parker was accused of going on a publicity campaign to raise donations for her charity under false pretenses. As a result of this, she was later brought up on fraud charges. In 2003, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison for committing Medicaid fraud, after it came to light that she’d collected more than $16,000 of Brittany’s money, even after the child had disappeared. An attorney in her case has said that the Rainbow kids operation was her entire existence and the money that was coming in was how the woman lived. He also told WWBT that Parker had begun collecting the girls’ social security and Medicaid benefits as soon as she took her in which could have been the reason she wanted custody of her. But speaking of the child what exactly had happened? Read on to find out.

Who Is Kim Parker?
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