Published 2021-11-05
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9 Actresses Who Played Lady Diana In Movies! Kristen Stewart Wasn't The Only One!

The Crown - Reception

One of the most controversial productions about the British royals has most certainly been The Crown, which in great part highlighted the ups and downs of the royal family, from the speculations about infidelities in the relationship of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth to now, most recently, with the last season where people were able to see the princess being the icon and a sympathetic person that many remembered her to be. Naturally, some have complained about some of the details, even her brother Charles Spencer who was dismayed by the public’s perception of his sister to the point where he said: “I find that American’s say they’ve watched The Crown as if they’ve had a history lesson. Well, they haven’t.” And as reports seemed to suggest, while some members of the royal family had watched this show, others were not so thrilled by it and the fact it dramatized their private lives.

The Crown - Lady Diana Actresses

Though despite some negative opinions a few had been able to resist the drama, especially with the way that Emma Corrin captured the young Diana so well and earned some high praise. The young star had wowed audiences with her portrayal and as a result, won several awards including a Golden Globe. Though while she only starred as Lady Di in one season, Elizabeth Debicki will take over the role, and expectations are sky-high. Her Diana will be going through the most terrible of her years within the British royal family, the scandalous divorce from Prince Charles, and the fact that through all this she continued to help those in need, lending her image to many charities as well as being a fashion icon. It is uncertain where exactly the series will end in terms of Princess Diana though it is highly speculated that the show could end in the aftermath of her passing, as producers stated that they do not plan to bring the action to the modern-day. While Corrin might have been a new face in the game, fans might recognize Debicki from such productions as Tenet and The Great Gatsby. Now recent productions aside what are some past productions that featured Lady Di that weren’t as well-received?

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