Published 2021-11-05
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The Amish & Sex. It's All About Traditions, Superstitions & Abuse?

The Amish - Inbreeding An Issue?

One question many people ask, seeing the figures of the number of Amish people around is does inbreeding occur? And while to some that might be seen as an insensitive question, it was one of the many answered by Amish America whose sites try to educate people about the way of the Amish. As it is written on the site, given that the population pool is limited, and a few outsiders join the community, it is not surprising that married couples might be distantly or even more closely related to each other such as being second cousins. The site also notes that the people are aware of the potential hazards of endogamy, and in some smaller settlements, finding a marriage partner for the young people, can be an issue which is why the youth of courting age may be encouraged to visit other communities. Though here the information site also points out that for the most part cousin marriages are widely discouraged, however in a limited, largely closed population, more distant relations inevitably do wed.

The Amish - Sex Education

It is common now that most schools offer some sort of sex education classes or seminars for their students so that they learn how to use protection as well as learn more about their own bodies. However, Amish schools do not provide formal sex education. Adults purposely ignore any mention of the subject especially if there are children present so when it comes to some formal education, very little in this topic is given to the ordinary Amish child. Though obviously, like any kids, Amish or not, they will often talk among themselves, with other kids their age, and piece by piece gather the information themselves. Also when it comes to working with farm animals, they might also be curious and ask their parents about how animals reproduce. But even without education, the youth experiment in their own ways, read on to find out more. Some people who had worked alongside the Amish had pointed out that what parents tell their children depends on the community. If they are in the “Plain/ultra-conservative” communities then they will avoid it at all costs, but if they are in the “Faster” communities then parents might talk with their children so that their knowledge helps them avoid temptation.

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