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31-Year-Old Dating A 91-Year-Old! She Sees Him As A Son Until They Get Into Bed.

If there is anything in a relationship that often causes outrage, it’s the age difference between the two people involved. Usually, it’s the fact that a young woman is dating a man much older than herself which most often results in her being called names such as ‘a gold digger’ as most assume she is with him for money. But what about when the roles are reversed? Say a man who prefers to date women that are much, much older than him! Who is Kyle Jones and the woman that he was dating? How did people react? And what is his reason for dating older women? Read on to find out about this surprising relationship.

Who Is Kyle Jones?

From 2010 to 2015 the documentary series My Strange Addiction was airing on TLC were people who had unusual addictions, such as a woman who drank paint or a man who ate glass. In 2015, there was a story about a man named Kyle Jones from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who at the time was in his 30s and who was addicted to dating women that were much older than he was. But how did this all begin? Find out on the next page.

How did it all begin?

While appearing on the show, Kyle explained that he noticed his attraction to older women at a young age. Most specifically when he was a 12-year-old schoolboy when he had become obsessed with an older teacher. Though the full realization of it didn’t kick in until a few years later when he was 18 and began dating a much older woman who at the time was 50. From the age of 22, he had become open about his attraction to older women, even bringing them home to meet his mother.

Who Is Kyle Jones?

What does he like about them?

A very common question that the man surely gets, is why does he like older women so much to date them? Well as he himself had said, everything! From the smell, the feel the mentality, and even...dentures. As he revealed on the show women can be self-conscious about them but he promises them that telling men about it is not a turn-off. As he said, “It will put a smile on his face and it’ll put a smile in his pants.” Of course, during his stint on the TLC show, he also was happy to describe the kind of woman that he is into, and for him, that must include platinum hair and a great smile. As he said there are many terms for ‘sexy’ older women such as MILF, Sabre Tooth Tiger, and Cougar but he personally prefers to call them Silver Foxes because it relates back to the platinum hair and that’s what really turns him on. What has been one of his relationships that had shocked people the most?

How did it all begin?

Kyle & Marjorie

Kyle also revealed that he was in a relationship with 91-year-old Marjorie McCool. He met the woman, who at her age is already a great-grandmother. The two had met in 2009 at a bookstore in which the woman had worked at. In an interview the two had done, McCool revealed that before dating Kyle, she was single for 37 years after she split up with the father of her six children. When he first started seeing Marge, he was also seeing five other women and at first, it bothered the 91-year-old but later she got used to it and the fact she was the oldest made her feel privileged.

Their Sex Life

The nature of their intimate life is something that the two always get asked about and they are more than okay with talking about it. Appearing on the British breakfast show This Morning the two opened up about what goes on in their bedroom. Kyle did admit that the two of them have a very physical relationship, with Marge agreeing that their physical relationship was amazing and that not only does Jones amaze her but she also amazes herself. She revealed she does wear sexy outfits to bed but tends to keep her bra on because she ‘doesn’t have much left’. Though that was never an issue for her younger lover as he said that he likes the natural hang because he is not a fan of plastic. Marjorie did that at times she did feel as if he was her son but once they hopped into bed, those feelings went away. Though how does his own mother react to this? Read on to find out!

 What does he like about them?

The Other Women In His Life

Though as we mentioned Marjorie wasn’t the only lady in his life. During his appearance on This Morning revealed that he was dating 5 different women at the same time, one of them being 68-year-old Anna Roland, who is also a great-grandmother. Though she was a bit apprehensive at first, questioning Jones’ motives but as she later revealed, once she started seeing him she felt very at ease, as he’s very attentive and makes her feel good. During the interview, he revealed that he was living in Florida at the time and would come up to Pittsburg to see Marge, and once he came back he found out that 3 of the women he was dating had died but it is not something that he gets hung up over as he himself could get “hit by a bus tomorrow”. However, since the two had gone public with their relationship, Marjorie has since passed away at the age of 93.

Kyle & Marjorie

Kyle’s Mom’s Opinion

At the time that Kyle was with Marge, his mother Cecelia Jones Clark was 50-years-old and it took her a while to get used to her son’s attraction to older women. At first, it did not strike her as strange as she thought many children have crushes on their children, and later she wasn’t sure if that was something that he would ‘stay with’ or if it was just a cougar phase that young men go through but once she saw the kind of women he was spending time with, she knew that it was not a phase. While it came as a shock to her, she does not see anything wrong with it, as she said in an interview, “As long as he's not hurting anybody I don't think it's anyone else's business.” But what other accusations and criticism did Jones have to face? Find out on the next page.

Kyle’s Criticism

As you can imagine, with such a big age difference in a relationship, Kyle has faced his fair share of criticism. Most of it comes from the families of the women that he dated as he revealed most of them think he wants to take advantage of their loved ones in one way or another. As he revealed, when he dated Marjorie, the relationship wasn’t for the money as she didn’t have any. Jones revealed that his friends had tried to convince him to date younger people in the past but it has not worked out. Kyle revealed that he can recognize that women his age are attractive but to him, “they’re not ripe yet”.

Celebrities Have Come Under Fire As Well

Surely everyone remembers the time when Anna Nicole Smith at the age of 26 had married wheelchair-bound oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II who at the time of their marriage was 89. The two met in October 1991 when Marshall attended a strip club. Enamored with the blonde, he invited her to lunch the following day. During the lunch, Smith complained that she had to go to work to which the man allegedly handed her an envelope with $1000 and told her that she never had to go back. Over the years the two were together, he would spoil her with million-dollar purchases, including jewelry and a Rolls Royce. Then after several attempts, Nicole agreed to marry Howard. The two tied the knot on June 27th, 1994 in Houston’s Dove Wedding Chapel. Many had accused the woman of being a gold-digger but as her later partner Larry Birkhead revealed, “She genuinely has some kind of a deep love for him.” Though Smith and Marshall’s marriage only lasted 14 months before the man passed away, leaving behind a fortune estimated to be $1.6 billion. Given that Nicole wasn’t included in the man’s will she wasn’t entitled to the fortune and while she had battled his son in Supreme Court for control of the estate, she never gained control of the massive fortune.

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