Published 2021-11-12
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Woman Claims To Have Sex With Aliens And Has Out Of This World Orgams!

For a long while humans had always asked the question if there are other beings out there outside of our own world. Already back in ancient Greece and ancient Rome was this topic breached and since then, as technology progressed we’ve been trying to find more and more proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. And for the past few years, people have been sharing their experiences about having close encounters with being outside of our own planet. Though one British woman had revealed that not only had she seen aliens but she’s also been traveling with them outside of our planet and...having sex with them! What exactly did the woman say? What kind of aliens did she have contact with? And what experiences has she had with them? Read on to find out.


Demi Lovato & Aliens

Most recently singer Demi Lovato had talked about their experiences with beings from outside of our planet. They had openly talked about their experiences with aliens, adding that they are extremely peaceful and loving and that when you encounter them, it is something that you can feel. The singer revealed that anyone could have the same experience if they meditated, expanded their consciousness, and worked on their enlightenment. Lovato also revealed that we should stop referring to the beings as aliens because it “is a derogatory term for anything”, adding that they personally prefer to call their out-of-this-world friends, ETs. Though if you want to know more about what the singer had had said then be sure to check out our previous article which you can do so by clicking here.

Stephany Fay Cohen - Alien Visits

A British woman had appeared on This Morning where she had talked about her friends that hail from outside of our planet. Speaking with the presenters, the woman who is a psychic, revealed that the aliens sneak into her room while she sleeps. Stephany has the same, regular group of aliens who regularly visits her and she calls them her Team Spirit. But they do not just come to visit her for a chat, the woman travels with them and they have some very close encounters.


Stephany Fay Cohen - The Different Alien Races

If your vision of aliens is grey beings with big, black eyes that are often portrayed in pop culture then what Cohen had revealed while giving her interview might surprise you. There are the Greys, and while she never went into too many details describing them it could be assumed that is in referral to the stereotypical alien image that most people think of. Besides the Greys, there are also the Reptilians, the Cat-people, and the Octopus-Men. According to Stephany, they all come from different planets in the Canis Major solar system. Though of course, she has her favorites, and in this case, it would be an Octopus-Man she is quite close to, whose name is Ian. But just how close is their relationship? Find out on the next page.

Stephany Fay Cohen - Out Of This World Orgasms

Despite the fact that she is close with Octopus-Man Ian, who allegedly stays close to her, and despite comparing it to a ‘kind of like a spirit boyfriend’, Cohen added that she wouldn’t go as far as to call him her boyfriend as he is more like a good friend who just so happens to be from the Octopus race. As presenter Philip Schoefield revealed, before the show the psychic woman told him that she does have very close encounters with her alien friends which result in “out-of-this-world orgasms”. So naturally, that is a topic of conversation that had come up and as it turns out, all of the races indulge in sex but as Stephany said, the Cat people, in particular, are highly-charged sexually because as the woman claims, ‘it’s part of their culture’.


Stephany Fay Cohen - Alien Travels

But besides having intimate relations with her alien friends, Cohen also joins them on her travels. As she told the presenters, she and her Team Spirit have a UFO, and they go off on different adventures. The group travels to different planets within our solar system but also beyond now. Now you might be wondering what effects such travel, which even NASA isn’t capable of, would have on the woman’s body. Well...none. And that is because she doesn’t physically leave her bedroom, but rather they travel in mind which she explained to the presenters, “It happens when my physical body is asleep but my spiritual body travels”. As proof, the woman had even drawn pictures of what their spaceship looked like for the presenters. But why were some skeptical of her explanation? Read on the next page.

Stephany Fay Cohen - Alien Travels Is Dreaming?

Of course the idea of something happening in your head as your physical body is asleep sounds very much like dreaming, and that was something that was pointed out to Cohen. But according to her, there is a reason that we dream. When asked if all her travels within our solar system and outside of it were just vivid dreams the woman replied that a dream is just a friendly way of your subconsciousness letting you know what you have been doing without scaring you with that knowledge. To this, she also added that it is like that because otherwise, people would be afraid if they were face-to-face with an alien.


Stephany Fay Cohen - Why Doesn’t Everyone See Aliens?

Given her close frienships and relations with the aliens, the presenters were curious to see if any of them had come with Stephany to the studio for the interview and as it turned out knitting. Pointing to an empty sofa in the studio, the woman had revealed that her Cat grandmother was sitting there knitting. When no one else could see the being in question she elaborated that aliens don’t appear to everyone because “they’re not into showing off and are quite reserved”. On top of this, according to Cohen, each person has their own individual guides who manifest themselves to them only. But could there be another, more earthly explanation for Cohen’s experiences? Find out on the next page!

Demi Lovato & Aliens

Stephany Fay Cohen - It’s Just A Disorder?

To make this a two-sided discussion, This Morning producers had invited a supernatural skeptic Professor Chris French to appear alongside Stephany on the show and to contradict her views. And the man did just that. First, he said that the biggest and oldest question is if Cohen has any kind of external proof that all that was happening and that it wasn’t just in her head like she herself said it was. He even had a logical explanation for the “out of this world orgasms” that the psychic claimed to be experiencing. Professor French suggested that a very earthly explanation for it would be that she suffers from Persistent Arousal Disorder, which makes her feel as if she is having sex while she sleeps.

Stephany Fay Cohen - Alien Visits

Others Believing In Aliens

While throughout history there had been many claims of alien encounters and the traces they had left behind on this planet sometimes even celebrities join in. Even the greatest mind in the world of technology today seem to think so. Including SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who last year had claimed that the Great Pyramids of Egypt were “obviously” built by aliens. That however has been a popular theory that some believe to be true and if you want to know more about it you can check out the video below.

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