Published 2021-11-12
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Woman Claims To Have Sex With Aliens And Has Out Of This World Orgams!

Stephany Fay Cohen - Alien Visits

A British woman had appeared on This Morning where she had talked about her friends that hail from outside of our planet. Speaking with the presenters, the woman who is a psychic, revealed that the aliens sneak into her room while she sleeps. Stephany has the same, regular group of aliens who regularly visits her and she calls them her Team Spirit. But they do not just come to visit her for a chat, the woman travels with them and they have some very close encounters.


Stephany Fay Cohen - The Different Alien Races

If your vision of aliens is grey beings with big, black eyes that are often portrayed in pop culture then what Cohen had revealed while giving her interview might surprise you. There are the Greys, and while she never went into too many details describing them it could be assumed that is in referral to the stereotypical alien image that most people think of. Besides the Greys, there are also the Reptilians, the Cat-people, and the Octopus-Men. According to Stephany, they all come from different planets in the Canis Major solar system. Though of course, she has her favorites, and in this case, it would be an Octopus-Man she is quite close to, whose name is Ian. But just how close is their relationship? Find out on the next page.

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