Published 2021-11-12
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Woman Received An Organ From A Bride. Then Surprised Donor Family At Her Own Wedding.

Diana Donnarumma’s Life Saved

Donnarumma a Buffalo, NY native, has dealt with health issues from childhood but it wasn’t until early 2016 that doctors had diagnosed her with gastroparesis, which is an inability of the stomach to adequately push food further down the digestive tract. Later that very same year a surgical team had performed an ostomy on the young woman but it didn’t help. In 2017, after three surgeries in nine months, Diana had finally received a lifesaving transplant that she had been waiting for. When Heather had died, her small intestine and the right portion of her large intestine had been donated to Donnarumma which had made the woman one of 8 people who had received organ transplants from Heather Renee Donnelly.

Diana’s ‘Gut Feeling’

The transplant was a success and despite the fact that Diana still struggles with nausea and vomiting and that she will be on anti-rejection medication and steroids for the rest of her life, it is a big difference from her life before the lifesaving transplant. Fast forward to 2019 when her then-boyfriend Conlan Kreher had proposed to Donnarumma, the young woman had a, as she said it, “gut feeling, pun intended”, that she would get in touch with Heather’s father and ask him to participate in her own wedding. Though she had no idea just how much this would mean to him. Read on to find out.

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