Published 2021-11-12
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Kidnapped Hollywood Producer Converted After Seeing The Afterlife! Now He Tells What Its Like!

Marino Restrepo - Career

When the man was 20 he got a girl pregnant and given that she insisted on having the baby against the will of her parents, the young couple eloped and moved to Hamburg, Germany where they lived for six years. And it was there that the pair had welcomed their two sons. Later the whole family had packed their stuff and headed to the United States, first settling in New York City and later in Hollywood, California, where he began on a career in the show business. The man traveled and earned more and more money as an actor, composer, film producer, and screen-player writer. Though he still regularly visited his family in Colombia and supported them financially. At the time being, he felt fulfilled and happily in control of his life.

Marino Restrepo - Faith In His Old Life

As years later he recalled at the time he wasn’t religious but considered himself a believer because he “professed” all that was fashionable at the time. He believed in reincarnation, conjured up spirits, told fortunes from tarot cards, read New Age literature. On top of all this, he also followed philosophical trends and once spent huge amounts of money to have his house arranged in agreement with feng shui principles. In many of his past seminars, he would call himself an ‘outright pagan’ and confess that at the same time his past self was the focus of his life, where he created his own faith in his own internal kingdom and treated others as if they were his servants. But what exactly happened that changed his life? Read on to find out!

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