Published 2021-11-12
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Kidnapped Hollywood Producer Converted After Seeing The Afterlife! Now He Tells What Its Like!

Morino Restrepo’s Christmas Gift

Though the change in his life came in 1997 when Marino flew to Colombia for Christmas. At the time his family was going through a rough time as in less than five years they had lost five family members. Marino’s wife died of cancer, followed by two of his brothers and both parents and the rest of the family were asking themselves, “Who is going to be next”. Then on December 24th, his sister had succeeded in persuading him to join her for church service for the novena to the Infant Jesus, which is popular in Latin America and the Philippines. As Marino recalled, that day he asked the Infant Jesus to change his life for the better, but he did not think of making things better for this family, as his head was brimming over with “horrible ideas for making more money, achieving greater fame and enjoying even greater pleasure “. Though as he did, he did not know exactly what he was asking for, as in his own words he added, “Lord Jesus did not let me down”.

Morino Restrepo’s Christmas Gift

Morino Restrepo’s Wish Came True

It was about 24 hours after the end of the novena, at midnight on December 25th, when Marino was driving one of his uncles back to his farm after the Christmas dinner, that from the brush, six gunmen emerged right in front of the car. They dragged him from the car, bound him, put a bag over his head and a noose around his neck, and pulled him deep into the jungle. As Restrepo noted, it was a typical abduction for ransom, yet the abductors were ruthless. They had detailed all that they knew about his family, the addresses, and the daily routines of its members. They had even told their hostage that even after his family paid the ransom, they would kill him anyway and Marino knew that they were not joking. They had walked for a while and at dawn, they came to shack in the middle of the jungle and led him into the basement which was a cave full of bats, their excrements, and other vermin and insects and it was there that the man was guarded as a prisoner. But the worst was still ahead of him, find out what happened on the next page.

Morino Restrepo’s Wish Came True
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