Published 2021-11-15
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Witch Of Wall Street - Had Millions But Lived Poor. Her Stinginess Led To Tragedies.

Hetty Green - Who Was She?

Henrietta “Hetty” Howland Robinson was born on November 21st, 1834 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Her parents were Edward Mott Robison and Abby Howland and they were the richest whaling family in the city. They were Quakers that owned a large whaling fleet and also in some ways profited from the China trade. She was only two years old when she was sent to live with her grandfather, Gideon Howland, and her Aunt Sylvia. From an early age, she would read the stock quotations and commerce reports for her grandfather and as a result of this she had picked up his business methods. When her father became the head of the Howland whaling firm upon Gideon’s death, the then young Hetty began to copy her father’s business practices. She learned to read ledgers and trade commodities. Because of the influence of her grandfather and father, she was close to the reading, financial papers to her dad by age six. By age 13 she was the family bookkeeper and often accompanied Edward to the countinghouses, storerooms, commodities traders, and stockbrokers.

Hetty Green - How She Got The Money

Hetty’s father had died in 1864 which resulted in a sum of around $8 million going into her bank account, according to the estate proceedings. However, that wasn’t enough for the woman, and realizing that the inheritance of her aunt Sylvia was right there for the taking, she had to act. Wanting to get into the good graces of her aunt who had no children of her own, and eventually become her sole heir, Hetty decided to move in with her supposedly out of concern for the health of the older woman, but in reality, it was just so that she could keep an eye on her actions. Seeing her aunt’s right hand, maid Fally, Hatty had immediately seen a contender for the inheritance in her. Though many attempts to get rid of her rival were unsuccessful, Green had even tried to push her down the stairs in an attempt to end her life but that just ended in a tumble. So how did she solve the problem? Read on to find out.

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