Published 2021-11-15
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Witch Of Wall Street - Had Millions But Lived Poor. Her Stinginess Led To Tragedies.

Hetty Green - Problems With Aunt Sylvia’s Will

But Hetty didn’t give up as she tried to make her aunt’s inheritance hers and so she had forced the old woman to sign a will according to which she was to bequeath all her property to her upon her death. Though what she didn’t know was that two years later her aunt had secretly made a new will that included friendly widows and servants in it. Hetty had found this out after Sylvia’s death but she never let that stop her. Wanting to get all of her estate that was worth around $2 million she prepared a document, a fake one, of course, that stated that all possible contracts made after the one signed between them were invalid. But as it turned out the forged signature turned out to be a poor imitation of the original and so the case went to court, Hetty lost the five-year-long trial and instead of another inheritance, she earned a good dose of humiliation.

Hetty Green - Husband & Family

Even her husband had helped his wife with trying to get the inheritance by swearing while under oath for her. Yes, despite being a miser, Hetty was able to find a husband. Edward was from Vermont and seemed to have been the complete opposite of his frugal wife. He loved good food, expensive wines, and tipped waiters generously. Yet the two of them married in 1867 when Hetty was 33. Though of course she had made her husband sign a prenup and renounce his rights to her money a few months before the wedding. Yet, the two had lived together, had two children Edward “Ned” and daughter Sylvia. Despite later separating in 1885 they had remained close until her husband’s death. But how would Hetty’s frugality affect her children? Read on to find out.

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