Published 2021-11-16
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14-year-old girl drowned under a pool cover at swim practice. Parents are seeking $70 million in damages.

Mom raised the alarm

The girl's absence was only noticed by her mother, who came to pick up her daughter. The woman, waiting in the car outside the sports facility at the end of the training, immediately noticed that after the class everyone, except Nabila, was leaving the building. Both her teammates, other team members, and the coach left. The teen's concerned mother then acted promptly. She entered the building to ask where her daughter was and raised the alarm, notifying the staff. A search was launched for the missing girl, but it was too late for her. According to the Hillsboro Police Department, she was found dead 20-25 minutes after her mother intervened. The girl's body was located under the pool cover at the deep end of the pool. Why did such a tragedy occur?

Mom raised the alarm

Coaches told students to secure pool

The 14-year-old's horrific death occurred on November 20, 2019, at the end of swimming class. Nabila Maazouz was practicing with her team as always. The coaches instructed the young swimmers to secure the pool after class by rolling out a set of covers. The girl and several of her teammates agreed to do so. According to the information, the facility's pool was covered with an assortment of heavy-duty covers that create suction when they are unrolled on the surface of the water. So the teens grabbed one part of the cover after class and swam with it to the deeper end of the pool. Then, when that part adequately covered the surface of the water, they swam back to the shallow end undercover to do the same with the other part of the cover. Nabla and her colleagues repeated the activity. Then, after unrolling the last piece of cover, the teen found herself in trouble. While her friends swam back under the other cover Nabila didn't manage to swim out and stayed under.

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