Published 2021-11-16
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14-year-old girl drowned under a pool cover at swim practice. Parents are seeking $70 million in damages.

Circumstances of the tragic death

The rest of the swim team, unaware of their friend's disappearance, finished covering the pool, the coaches turned off the lights and everyone left, leaving the facility. According to a lawsuit filed by Nabila's family, no one even noticed her disappearance. The 14-year-old's body was found under the cover in the deep end of the pool. The entire incident is horrific, but the most devastating part is that a girl who could swim very well was probably drowning, knowing that she was trapped and unable to swim out

Resuscitation of the teenager was unsuccessful

When the trainers and staff of the center, after the intervention of the girl's mother, found and pulled out her body from the pool, they also tried to restore vital functions. They started to resuscitate her, but it did not bring any results. Unfortunately, the 14-year-old was underwater too long and the rescue operation failed. Police were called to the facility where the accident occurred at 9:26 p.m.- more than 25 minutes after the training ended. Nabila was pronounced dead at the scene a short time later.

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