Published 2021-11-17
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Thousands Children Stolen From Their Parents! Israeli Government Coverd It Up?

Reunited Thanks To DNA Tests

One woman had spent 30 years searching for her sister. 62-year-old Ofra Mazor had submitted her DNA samples to MyHeritage in 2017 in hopes that it would allow her to find her sister Varda. In an interview, she recalled that her mother Yochevet, who had since passed away, told her that she only got to breastfeed her sister only once after giving birth in 1950 before later being told by nurses that her newborn daughter had died. But the woman, like many others, did not believe the nurses. Despite demands that her child be given back to her, even the body, no such thing ever happened. For 30 years, Ofra had tried to find her younger sister, and a few months after submitting her DNA, she received a call that a match was found. While her sister, Varda Fuchs, was adopted by a German-Jewish couple in Israel, the two had managed to track each other down and learn the truth. They are part of a community who for decades had been searching for answers about what had happened to their loved ones or trying to find the truth about their ancestry.

Israel - Nation’s Founding and Immigrants

Following the founding of Israel in 1948 many immigrants had come to the country and were placed in transit camps, which were tent cities operated by the state because there were housing shortages. The conditions in those camps were harsh. But there was something much worse than meeting those people besides the bad conditions. Women who had given birth in overburdened hospitals, or who had taken their infants to the doctor, were told that their kids had suddenly died. Some families’ testimonies had stated that they were instructed to leave their children at nurseries and when they come to pick them up, they were told the kids were taken to the hospital, never to be seen again. As many affected had said, they were never shown a body or a grave, nor have they received death certificates. But what exactly had happened to these children? Read on to find out.

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