Published 2021-11-17
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Thousands Children Stolen From Their Parents! Israeli Government Coverd It Up?

Israel - The Stolen Children

The whole mystery of the missing children and what had happened to them was dubbed as the Yemenite Children Affair because most of the kids who had disappeared were from Jewish families from Yemen, however, there was also a significant number from Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, and the Balkans. There had been over 1,000 official reported cases of missing babies and toddlers, however, estimates from advocates on this cause suggest that the numbers could be as high as 4,500. The families of these children believe that the babies were abducted by the Israeli authorities. In 2016, Tzachi Hanegbi a government minister who was tasked with studying the disappearances had concluded that at least “hundreds” of children had been taken, which had made it the first time that the government officials had made such an admission.

The Yemenite Children Affair - What Happened to Them?

Those children that had been taken from the Yemenites and other “Mizrahi” communities, which is an umbrella term for Jews from North Africa and the Middle East, had been illegally put up for adoption or sold, to childless Ashkenazi families, who are the Jews of European descent. The issue had first captured national attention in 1994 when Rabbi Uzi Meshulam and his followers had barricaded themselves inside a compound in Yehud for 45 days, demanding that an official government inquiry was started to investigate the disappearance of the Yemenite babies. During a shootout with the police, one of the Rabbi’s followers was killed and the man and his followers were sent to prison. At the time, almost all Israelis had dismissed the man and his accusations as conspiracy theories of a religious radicalist. Though was his goal achieved? Find out on the next page.

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