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Published 2021-11-18
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Woman Got Thousands After Faking Cancer & Then Got Really Ill!

Hanna Dickinson - The Money She Got

The woman’s elaborate scam had involved faking medical documents which involved one that purports to be from a doctor and another from a surgeon which she used as proof to claim a disability pension. Because of this, the Australian native had fraudulently obtained more than $100,000 in Disability Support Pension benefits between January 2014 and October 2018. Hanna had even scammed her own parents into giving her money for the supposedly lifesaving treatment by telling them she needed funds to travel to Thailand and New Zealand for treatment. Her parents, who run a farm, were struggling financially and asked neighbors and friends to help raise money for Dickinson’s treatment and they ended up raising a whopping total of $41,770.

Hanna Dickinson - The Money She Got

Hanna Dickinson - What She Did With The Cash

Now some of you might be wondering if Hanna didn’t have cancer and didn’t need to cover the costs of medical expenses, then what did she do? While at first in 2013, Dickinson said she only had three months to live, it was not revealed how she explained the fact that she was still alive. Though what is known is how she had spent the money. It seems that all the cash that people donated to her, concerned about her health and wellbeing, as well as the taxpayer money, had contributed to the 28-year-old living a lavish lifestyle. As it was reported by local media, she had used it for travels and partying. The whole truth came out in 2018, but it wouldn’t be the end of her lies. Read on to find out more.

Hanna Dickinson - What She Did With The Cash
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