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Published 2021-11-19
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Doctor's Destroyed A Boy's Gentials. Parents Raised Him As A Girl & Lead To A Tragedy.

Botched Procedure

The doctors told the worried parents that the condition their sons were suffering from would easily be fixed by circumcision. However, this is where the issues start to come up as, during the procedure at the hospital, the doctor who did not usually perform such operations was assigned to the Reimer babies. Instead of using a scalpel, the woman chose to use an electric cautery machine with a sharp needle to sever the foreskin. But something went terribly wrong. Whether the error lay in the machine or its user was never determined, but what became clear was that baby Bruce’s penis was burned beyond surgical repair. Seeing what had happened to the 8-month-old, the doctors decided to not try the operation on his brother Brian, who's phimosis later disappeared without treatment.

Distraught Parents Seek Help

After being told that a phallic reconstruction was a crude option that would never result in a fully functioning organ the Reimers were distraught. For the next several weeks after the botched procedure, they were left without any hope until one day, after the twins’ first birthday, they saw an interview on TV with Dr. Money. In it, he was describing his successes at John Hopkins University in changing the sex of babies born with incomplete or ambiguous genitalia. In the interview, he had talked about how through the surgeries and hormone treatments he could turn a child into whichever sex seemed most appropriate, and that such reassignments were resulting in happy healthy children. And so the parents decided to seek his help. But just in what was did this make things worse? Read on to find out.

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