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Published 2021-11-19
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She Spent Over $87,000 For A Perfect Look! But Is Still Making Adjustments!

Fulvia Pellegrino - The Wedding

When Fulvio was 24, he met a doctor named Marisa. The two felt some sort of a connection and began dating and not long after their first meeting the two of them got married. There was a wedding, declarations of love and promises yet even back then as he stood at the altar, Fulvio had still felt different. Though despite marrying a woman, he continued living out his life the way he dreamed of and did everything to preserve this double life. Fulvia had begun visiting gay clubs and while home alone, hiding in the garage dressing up in women’s clothes and putting on makeup. As she later said in an interview, “I was feeling trapped in my body[...] I never showed that side of me because I was ashamed of it.”

Fulvia Pellegrino - The Wedding

Fulvia Pellegrino - Confessing to Marisa

Though after several years of marriage, Fulvio took a bold step and decided to tell Marisa the truth. And so after 16 years of masquerading, he came to the conclusion that he couldn’t deceive her any longer. And so he told her everything, also revealing that he wanted to change his sex and go by Fulvia. But much to her surprise, Marisa had no intention of leaving Fulvia at all and she decided that they would support each other. Of course, it wasn’t easy to start with, appearing in a mini-documentary feature about her husband, Marisa had said that after visiting doctors, both a psychologist, and joining Fulvia on her visits, had helped her see and understand better what she was going through. But not everyone was as understanding as Marisa. Read on to find out how Fulvia’s father had reacted.

Fulvia Pellegrino - Confessing to Marisa
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