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Published 2021-11-19
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She Spent Over $87,000 For A Perfect Look! But Is Still Making Adjustments!

Fulvia Pellegrino - Rest of the Family Reacts

And so as Fulvio became Fulvia, she was accepted by her wife and even her two brothers. However, where her parents were concerned, it was a different story. In a mini-documentary about her life, the woman revealed that when she told her parents, her mother had pushed her away and her father spoke to Marisa and asked her to sign a paper that would send Fulvia into a psychiatric institution to make her change her mind. Even when her father had passed away, the family had banned the pair from attending the funeral because they were ashamed of them, with some outlets claiming that they thought she was a prostitute.

Fulvia Pellegrino - Wants To Be Like Allanah Starr

A name change wasn’t enough for Fulvia as she wanted to completely transition and in order to do that, she would need to undergo several plastic surgeries that would help her achieve her desired look. She did have an idea of what she wanted to look like and that someone was Allanah Starr, an American transgender porn star. And so, Fulvia began her transition and even had sought out counseling to help her come to terms with her new look. However, she still isn’t happy with how she looks! Read on the next page to find out why.

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