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Published 2021-11-19
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She Spent Over $87,000 For A Perfect Look! But Is Still Making Adjustments!

Fulvia Pellegrino - The Surgeries

In order to go through her transformation, the woman had to get the help of a plastic surgeon. As it was reported by the New York Post, she had spent 11 years perfecting her looks, spending on it a whopping sum of over $87,000. The procedures that she underwent involved more than 150 lip and cheekbone filler injections, four breast augmentation procedures, two rounds of liposuction, and at least one butt lift, among others. And while some would simply say that Fulvia is addicted to undergoing these procedures but she herself that it is “not a drug but something that people like her need”.

Fulvia Pellegrino - The Surgeries

Fulvia Pellegrino - For Her It Is Not Enough

You would think that after undergoing so many procedures to achieve her dream look, Fulvia would finally be happy. Yet it couldn’t be further from the truth. As she revealed in an interview, she is not happy with her ‘perfect’ body because to her that is not what it is. To her, perfection is something else. She revealed that she is not happy with her face and other parts of her body, adding that once she reaches her vision of perfection maybe then she will stop with all these surgeries. But have there been any other changes in her life besides her look? Check out the next page to find out.

Fulvia Pellegrino - For Her It Is Not Enough
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