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Published 2021-11-19
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She Spent Over $87,000 For A Perfect Look! But Is Still Making Adjustments!

Fulvia Pellegrino - Relations With Marisa

Despite the fact that Fulvio became Fulvia, Marisa has stuck by her husband and the two women still live together. However, as they both had said, their relationship is no longer like wife and husband, but more like two sisters. In an interview, Marisa herself said that to her it wasn’t what was on the outside that counted but what was on the inside and there was affection between them so she stayed. Though Fulvia later added that their relationship is just platonic because her wife is not gay, therefore there is no physical attraction, jokingly adding that maybe it is a good thing because, despite the fact she has male genitals, they are ‘retired’ due to the effects of the hormone therapy.

Fulvia Pellegrino - Relations With Marisa

Fulvia Pellegrino - Results Of Her Changes

And while Fulvia can now freely be herself it didn’t come without any problems for the two women. Due to the fact that Fulvia, who used to run a restaurant, no longer works, the women struggle financially. She has revealed that in the past she had to sell her guns, cars and a house in France so that she could cover the costs of the expensive surgeries. Right now the two of them live off Marisa’s wage as a holistic therapist and while she supports her wife’s quest to achieve her desired look, she also is the one to deal with finances out of fear that Fulvia would spend it all. The two had also faced issues from the inhabitants in their town of Peveragno in the North of Italy, who have gone out of their way to exclude the two of them. Even Fulvia herself had said in an interview, that she is seen as the ‘clown of Peveragno’, adding that people point at her and talk about her, inventing stories that she is a prostitute. She also added that besides Marisa, who is always there for her, all her friends had vanished as they didn’t accept her.

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Photos are from Fulvia Pellegrino’s Facebook.

Fulvia Pellegrino - Results Of Her Changes
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