Published 2021-11-19
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Russian Woman Gave Birth To 69 Children! 67 Of Them Survived!

Was It Possible?

According to the information about the family, the woman had given birth between the years 1725 and 1765, which meant that her regiment of offspring was born in the span of four decades. According to some rough math done by a BBC journalist who looked further into the case, Mrs. Vassikyev would have been pregnant for 18 of the 40 years. There is also the issue of fertility to consider. As a woman gets older, the egg quantity and quality diminishes. Experts that had spoken out on this story had also revealed that the ability to become pregnant goes down with each pregnancy as successive labors take their toll out on a woman’s reproductive anatomy. On top of all this, if the woman was breastfeeding, which could have been assumed as a peasant farmer would not have been able to afford a wet nurse, her body would not ovulate. And so, this built-in, biological method of birth control would have made the odds of the lady having 69 children less possible. At least according to some experts.

Was It Possible?

Result Of A Genetic Condition?

Due to the fact that not much is known about the woman, even her name, it is hard to determine whether the couple had that many children and how it was possible. Some had pointed out that possibly the number of children was just a clerical error and that the pair never had this many kids yet on the Guinness World Record site it states that it would have been certainly possible that Mrs. Vassilyev could have had a genetic predisposition to hyper-ovulate, which means that multiple eggs are released in one cycle, which significantly increases the chance of having twins or multiple children. But fertility and pregnancy aside, what are the other reasons that people aren’t too keen to believe this story?

Result Of A Genetic Condition?
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