Published 2021-11-24
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A Man Played God. Killed And Brought Dogs Back To Life. Humans Were Next!

The Start Of Cornish’s Experiment

Despite making a name for himself with his inventions, Cornish was interested in research and worked on many different projects however, none had sparked his interest as much as his idea to restore life to the dead. And so, by 1933, he had begun working on his idea and had developed an unusual method of reanimation. At first, he attempted his experiments on several dead bodies but they were without success and so he came to the conclusion that too much time had passed since they died in order for it to work. And so, he decided to perfect his method but this time working with freshly euthanized dogs.

The Dogs Named Lazarus

In May 1934, in preparation for his experiment, that was taking place at Berkley, Cornish got five fox terriers. Each of the dogs was called Lazarus after the biblical figure who was raised from the dead by Jesus. In the press, however, the dogs were known as Lazarus I, II, III, IV, and V to avoid confusion. To ensure that the dogs had passed away shortly before the start of the experiment, the doctor and his staff, would euthanize each dog using a nitrogen gas mixture, before strapping them into a seesaw-like contraption once they were declared clinically dead. Dr. Cornish would then inject a solution that contained adrenaline into the corpse’s thigh, and puff bursts of oxygen into their mouths via a rubber tube. At the same time, an assistant rocked the contraption back and forth to slowly draw the solution up and down the body. Here it is worth reminding you that this was in the 1930s when CPR and other techniques to revive someone were in their infancy and modern CPR wasn’t invented until 1960 and there were some who believed his experiments had helped with modern CPR however that was never confirmed. But what results did he receive? Find out on the next page.

The Start Of Cornish’s Experiment
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