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New Evidence In Josh Duggar Trial Proves He Was A Monster For Years?

Recently, in Fayetteville, Arkansas the trial of Josh Duggar on the charges of possessing child pornography has started. The father of 7, who rose to fame thanks to the TLC show 19 Kids And Counting was arrested in April 2021 after a Homeland Security investigation and raid on his car dealership which had found r-rated material of underage girls on his devices. Since the initial arrest, more information had come out about the man and the accusations against him. What do we know about the court case? If found guilty, just how much time behind bars is he facing? And did he have any other problems in the past? Read on to find out the latest news.

Josh Duggar Trial Stars

According to media reports the trial had started on December 1st, and Josh Duggar was seen arriving with his wife Anna, who on Nov.16th had given birth to their 7th child and who had stuck by her husband’s side since the beginning of the case. However, according to reports from journalists present on the scene, she rushed out of the courtroom after the prosecution’s graphic statements about the allegations against Josh. The judge had also filed the decision that evidence of the child pornography is to be presented during the trial, which according to The Sun reporters, had made the jurors look very uncomfortable. The evidence presented included a video of two young girls being abused by an adult male, as well as 65 still images of a seven to eight-year-old girl posing nude. Though how long could the former reality star face for possessing such material? Read on to find out.

Pleaded Not Guilty

Josh had pleaded not guilty during the trial, with his attorney arguing that someone else downloaded or placed the images depicting the sexual abuse of children on his computer. Yet the prosecution, in their opening arguments, said, “You’re going to see images of children, some as young as seven. These children are being sexually assaulted, violated, and exploited”, later asking the jury to hold him accountable. Duggar has been served with two charges one for receiving and the other for possessing child pornography. According to an April press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Western District of Arkansas, if found guilty, the father of seven faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 for each count. The prosecution explained to the jury that once Homeland Security had first accepted the case, they went to the car dealership where Josh worked and approached him. After explaining that they had a warrant for digital contraband the man agreed to speak with them and according to a recording played in court he asked the officers present, “Is someone downloading child pornography?” which many internet users had pointed was proof that he was guilty since how else would he have knowledge of what kind of material the authorities were looking for.

Case-Based On Facts

During the trial it was revealed that forensic analysis was done on the car dealership computer where Josh worked and then it was shipped to Washington DC for further investigation. The prosecution had claimed the device was protected with a password that included the word, Joshua. When speaking with the jury they noted the case is based on facts, adding that “evidence” and “common sense” hold Josh accountable for viewing and possessing child sexual abuse images and they asked the jury to find him guilty based on that. The authorities working on the case who had viewed the material that the man possessed on his work computer had previously called it “the worst of the worst” that they had ever seen. But how has Duggar’s family reacted to all this? Find out on the next page.

Family Against Josh

As those of you who followed this family and news about them will know Josh’s sister Jill and her husband Derick have been ‘estranged’ from the family due to feuds with father Jim Bob. Yet they were present in court, with many media outlets writing that Jill, as well as their brother Jedediah, is set to testify in court though it is unknown if it will be as part of the prosecution or the defense, however, given that Jill identified herself as one of the sisters that Josh molested, it is likely she’ll testify for the prosecution. Though it is worth noting that shortly after the 33-year-olds arrest both Jill and Derick had said that they “hope justice is done”, with her husband adding that he doesn’t think anybody in the family supports child pornography. Even the man’s aunt Deanna had made her feelings clear about the case. Taking to her Instagram stories she posted that justice will be served, with her daughter Amy echoing her feelings and saying that she hopes Josh gets the “ultimate sentence”.

Jim Bob Took The Stand

Prior to the court proceedings starting, it was revealed that the 33-year-old’s prior juvenile 'bad acts' will be heard by the jury. As a result of this, the patriarch of the family Jim Bob was forced to take the stand on behalf of the prosecution. People had reported that the 56-year-old repeatedly claimed that he could not remember every single detail of Josh’s past admissions that he had touched the victims who in court were referred to as Jane Does 1 to 4. The allegations date back to 2002-2004 and during a pre-trial hearing on November 29th, a family friend Bobye Holt had told prosecutors that Duggar told her on multiple occasions that he had inappropriately touched young girls both over and under their clothing. However, according to reports by Insider, Josh’s defense team, in a Nov 30th court filing, had sought to block prosecutors from calling Holt as a witness on the grounds that their client has viewed her as a “spiritual leader” when he confessed to her and they also cited “the clergy privilege” as a reason she can’t testify, liking it to the confidentiality agreements between a doctor and a patient. Though, what other issues did Josh have in the past? Read on to find out.

Results Of The 2002-2004 Abuse

With regards to the prior inappropriate acts committed by Duggar between 2002-2004, it was revealed that four of the five victims were Duggar’s siblings. Documents obtained by In Touch weekly with regards to this, back in 2015, had stated that his father Jim Bob, had learned about that in March 2002 and that these incidents had happened on multiple occasions, mainly while they were sleeping. At the time the patriarch of the family had said his son was disciplined at home and when in 2003 they had learned of additional incidents and victims their father had allegedly brought this to the attention of the elders at their church. He also told the authorities that he had enrolled Josh in a program consisting of counseling and physical labor after the consultation.

Speaking With Police

Though allegedly prior to the police being made aware of these incidents in 2006, the family did take Josh to meet with law enforcement to talk about them. In that case, it was James W. Hutchens who was an Arkansas State Trooper and a family friend and that was the first time the authorities were made aware of the abuse. According to Jim Bob his son had allegedly confessed and that James was told the entire story but according to reports from the time, Hutchens had given him a stern talk and did not take any official action against the teen, despite being required to alert the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline. However, it is worth pointing out that later it was revealed that a few years after this took place, their state trooper friend was arrested on child pornography charges in 2007. Initially, the man was imprisoned for five years, then freed, but went back to prison in 2010 for similar offenses; he is now serving a 56-year sentence.

Duggar’s Initial Arrest

As we wrote previously mentioned, the man was originally arrested in April 2021 with a bail hearing taking place in May. A day after it, he was released on bond, as was confirmed by Us Weekly. However, as many internet users had pointed out when the news first broke out, Duggar, at the time, had six young children of his own and many were concerned if letting him go back home was a good idea. Despite this, his team had filed a motion for him to be released and permitted to return home to his immediate family. But it seems that this is something that the judge has also taken into consideration. During the hearing, Jude Christy Comstock said: “I will tell you that your own children, and your siblings, children, and your minor brothers and sisters, they’re all part of the larger society that the court must consider in protecting from you. I cannot in good conscience, send you home. … There are six minor children that live in your house. There are other minor children, in and out of their grandparents’ house on a regular basis. And I’m not going to return you there.”

Where He Was Before Trial

At the time it was revealed that the man was sentenced to home confinement and was staying with a family friend pastor LaCount Reber and his wife Maria Reber As per the conditions at the time, Duggar was only permitted to leave to go to church, work, legal appointments, and for medical care and he was monitored via a GPS. He was also able to see his children but only if his wife Anna was present at the time. Though in the months leading up to the current trial it was revealed that Anna was spending a lot of time with her husband, staying over with him, while their children were being looked after by other family members. Because of this, the woman was heavily criticized by internet users, and also due to the fact that she also had minor children, yet chose to stand by Duggar in light of the allegations made against him.

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