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After Tragedy At Sea, Woman Drank Her Own Urine To Save Her Children!

A cruise on the sea can be an unforgettable journey. The sound of waves, sailing into the sunset, the feeling of freedom, the sight of land looming on the horizon somewhere in the distance, for some it's a dream come true. But such an idyll can quickly turn into a horror story because sea expeditions always carry a lot of risks. Human error, accidents, or bad weather can send a ship to the bottom or cause a tragedy like the one that struck a Venezuelan family traveling through the Caribbean at the beginning of September this year. The boat on which Mariely Chacon and her loved ones were traveling crashed, and the woman drifted at sea for several days with her two young children. In order to save them, she drank her own urine to breastfeed her son and daughter. Unfortunately, she did not survive and died of dehydration! When rescuers found the lifeboat, the children were clinging to their mother's lifeless body. What are the details of the tragic voyage? Why did the accident occur? Who among the travelers survived and how did Mariely Chacon become a heroine?

Lost Boat

Mariely Chacon and her family boarded the pleasure ship Thor in early September this year. For the next few days, they were to experience a fabulous cruise in Caribbean waters together, with the destination being the uninhabited island of Tortuga, one of the most popular tourist attractions in this part of the world. The ship departed from Higuerote, Venezuela, and the port authorities were informed that it was scheduled to return on September 5. Unfortunately, the opposite happened! The Thor did not return on the stated date and an extensive search operation was launched to explain the mysterious disappearance. No one knew the boat's whereabouts, and although a maritime disaster was considered, rescuers hoped to find the family from Venezuela alive and well. However, the worst-case scenario came true, as there was in fact a tragedy at sea. And what happened? Read on…

Lost Boat

Tragic voyage

On September 3, a maritime disaster occurred. The ship Thor was hit by a powerful wave, the force of which tore the hull into two parts. The four crew and passengers, namely 25-year-old Mariely Chacon, her husband, two children, and a nanny, had to save themselves from death. They jumped into the sludge, which carried them in different directions. The family was separated and the children found themselves on a lifeboat with their mother alone. The accident happened unexpectedly and only when the ship failed to return to the port of Higuerote did rescuers set out to find the family. At the time, the survivors were struggling to survive. Mariely and her 6-year-old son, Jose David, and 2-year-old daughter, Maria Beatriz, were adrift in a lifeboat without water or food. From morning to night, the scorching sun scorched their skin, but the woman decided to do everything to save her children.

Mariely Chacon drank her own urine

The motherly instinct did not allow Mariely to give up, after all, she had her beloved little ones under her care. As she watched each day as their lives slowly drained away, she made a dramatic decision. She decided to drink her own urine, and in doing so, she was able to feed her son and daughter with her own breast! She did this for four days, but her body could not withstand such an ordeal. The woman died of organ failure due to dehydration, but her sacrifice was not in vain. The children managed to survive, and when rescuers finally found the lifeboat their eyes were shown a dramatic sight. What was it like? Read on to find out...

Rescue operation

On September 6 at 6:20 p.m., rescuers received a signal of a white lifeboat floating in the sea waters near La Orchila Island. However, it was not until 2:10 p.m. the next day that the Coast Guard vessel AB Carecare reached the survivors. Inside the lifeboat, two children were found embracing the lifeless body of their mother. Their skin was sunburned and their bodies barely clinging to life due to dehydration. Rescuers quickly identified them as Maria and Jose Chacon, minor passengers on the ship Thor, and the dead woman was Mariely Chacon. The children were immediately taken to the hospital, under the care of doctors, and specialists determined that they were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. In turn, examination of their mother's body yielded a much more shocking discovery.

Tragic voyage

She died just hours before the rescue

During the autopsy, it was discovered that Mariely Chacon drank her own urine for lack of water so she could breastfeed her children. According to media reports, forensic doctors found acute organ failure in the deceased due to dehydration, which was further accelerated by breastfeeding. A spokesman for the Instituto Nacional de los Espacios Acuáticos (INEA), or National Maritime Authority of Venezuela, also reported that Chacon had departed this world hours before rescuers arrived. The press release said - "she died three or four hours before rescue due to dehydration after not drinking water for three days". It was pointed out that the Thor boat was not properly prepared for the sea voyage. It appeared that the radio, GPS, and other safety equipment such as light flares were missing on board. Experts believe that if not for this, the family's chance of survival would have been much higher. But were the children the only people saved after the crash?

Rescued survivors

One of the passengers on the unlucky cruise was 25-year-old Veronica Martinez, employed by the Chacon family as a babysitter. She too was found alive after the disaster and survived because she took refuge in... a refrigerator. The equipment had flown off the ship when a wave ripped it into tiny pieces and was floating when a terrified Veronica swam to it saving herself from drowning. Such a lifeboat turned out to be much better than one might think. It served as a shelter from the heat, and when the sun was scorching Miss Martinez simply climbed inside the cooler to find shade and refreshment. Still, she couldn't avoid getting sunburned, and when found by rescuers she also suffered from severe dehydration.

Mariely Chacon Funeral

The story of Mariely Chacon and her children shocked all of Venezuela. Her funeral took place on September 11 and generated such interest that it was broadcast via Youtube. The woman was hailed as a heroine and thousands of people via social media paid tribute to her sacrifice for her children. Newsweek wrote that Mariely's father, Humberto Chacon, confessed even before the funeral that the tragic cruise, which was the last in his daughter's life, "was simply meant to be a family trip to entertain the kids." The trip unfortunately turned into a family drama. To date, the father of the rescued children, Remis David Cambor, and the other crew members have not been found. They are still presumed missing, although it is suspected that there is a rather small chance of finding them alive so many days after the disaster. However, stories of maritime accidents can amaze, and you can read about examples of survivors who were able to abort despite all odds on the next page…

Mariely Chacon drank her own urine

Orphaned at sea Terry Jo

Terry Jo Dupperault was 11 years old when, during a family vacation on a ship off the coast of Florida, her loved ones fell victim to the captain, who turned out to be a heartless murderer. Terry miraculously escaped the attack and jumped into the water to save herself. She saw the bodies of her mother and brother floating next to her. It was too late to help them, so the teenager desperately searched for a way to stop herself. She made herself a makeshift raft out of a small piece of the boat Bluebell that was floating on the water, and for the next four days, she faced a real ordeal. The heat caused her to hallucinate, hunger and thirst almost took her from this world, and the sea waves pushed the raft mercilessly towards the ocean. Terry was just a dot on the boundless waters, so the crews of ships passing by were unable to see her. Only by pure chance, she was found by sailors from a Turkish merchant ship.

Violet Jessop survived the sinking of the Titanic and two other maritime disasters

Violet Jessop is a true legend among sea survivors. She worked as a ship's attendant, a maid, and, during the war, as a nurse. Little did she realize that during her voyages she would escape disaster three times. Jessop was rescued from the Titanic when it sank in 1912 after colliding with an iceberg. She then escaped with her life during the dangerous accident of the transatlantic Olympia, and was also one of the crew members of the unlucky liner Britannic, which ran into a mine left by a German warship. Violet is called a hero by some, while others say she was just extremely lucky.

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