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Spicy secrets from the intimate lives of animals. Dating, gadgets, orgies...

Perhaps not everyone realizes that when it comes to the intimate lives of animals, this topic is much more interesting than it may seem! It is common knowledge that most animals have sex for procreation purposes when the female is ready to copulate and has a fertile period. Yes, this is true. More often than not, different species have some truly amazing and unusual rituals in the process before they get close. However, in the animal kingdom, there are some that enter into sexual acts freely and fully consciously, not driven by reproduction, but by pleasure! Flirtations, affection, desires, sexual raptures, lovers and unfaithful partners, representatives of the LGBT community, and even rapists... all will be encountered in the animal kingdom! And many of them turn out to be surprisingly close to humans! What are the spiciest secrets of animals' intimate lives? Which of them have sex for pleasure and which have the biggest orgies? There are also some animals that find themselves as a slave to the urges during the fertile time, which even leads to their death through exhaustion! See some examples that may surprise you!

Bonobos, face-to-face sex, and French kisses

We cannot begin this topic any other way than with the most human ape! The bonobo, or pygmy chimpanzee, is a species of primate within the human family. It is more slender and slightly smaller than the common chimpanzee. These are the two species of chimpanzees evolutionarily closest to humans, we share almost 99 percent of DNA with them. However, of the two species, it is the Bonobo that is the most human-like ape. They are empathetic, cooperative, and sex is a way for them to reduce their aggression levels. In fact, Bonobos are probably the only species to have implemented the hippie principle of "make love not war". In terms of social behavior, Bonobos are distinguished by their peaceful disposition, egalitarian pack structure, or in short, the principle of equality, and the dominant role of sexual interaction in inter-personal contacts. It can be noted, however, that females clearly rule. Bonobos are the only creatures besides humans in which tongue kissing and vaginal sexual intercourse in a face-to-face position have been observed. So to put it simply, they are the only non-human creatures to enjoy French kissing and know exactly what the missionary position looks like. They also practice oral sex, and their various close-ups occur in all kinds of heterosexual, homosexual, and polygynous arrangements. Moreover, sexual behavior has also been reported between closely related individuals and other Bonobos in the herd. This may be due to the fact that they do not maintain permanent family relationships. The only configuration that does not occur is mother-son sex. Indeed, this is the most important relationship in Bonobo communities.

Bonobo females like nymphomaniacs

Copulation among representatives of these primates in addition to the means of reproduction is on the agenda. In this species, only a quarter of sexual intercourse is on the nature of procreation. Bonobos simply like sex and it can be said even to a much greater extent than humans. They are sometimes jokingly called monkey hippies. Among Bonobos, "good morning" sex is something completely normal, as well as sex on consent, which is for them the ideal way to solve conflicts. Females also reward their partners in this way in exchange for food and can be called nymphomaniacs. They don't tend to need to be persuaded to have close encounters. They engage in sexual acts at the slightest suggestion and in a variety of ways. For example, when a female wants to join a fruit-gathering group, she first has intercourse with each of the males, including immature ape youths, and only then moves on to eating. Bonobo sex, known for its bisexuality, is varied. Between males have been observed so-called genital rubbing and mutual masturbation. In turn, females are able to create handheld vibrators from a stick of appropriate shape, which they moisten with their own saliva. According to the researchers, Bonobo's varied sex life is a mechanism that contributes to mitigating aggressive behavior in males. This constant readiness of females to engage in sexual intercourse means that males are not left with much time for arguing. Other forms of their interpersonal contacts such as playing, romping, and showing concern and compassion are of similar importance.

Are dolphins not so friendly after all?

Dolphins are known to us as masters of acrobatics and extremely intelligent, gentle animals. However, far fewer people know that these swimming creatures have an uncontrollable sex drive! What's more, they are one of the few animals (considering all species) to have sex for pleasure, and not just for reproductive reasons when it's a fertile time for females. The dolphin's brain is the most highly developed of all mammals, and its structure also indicates a high degree of mental development. According to the EQ (brain quotient), the intelligence of the dolphin is 4-5, which is higher than that of the chimpanzee (the intelligence according to this criterion for humans is 7, and that of the chimpanzee is 2.5). They are animals that live in herds. They thus protect each other, and females with their young are given special protection and are always inside the herd. Dolphins freely engage in sexual acts, which evidently gives them a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. They like to caress each other by rubbing or nibbling on each other's flippers. In addition, for a variety of sensations, they have sex in specific positions such as rubbing against each other at different angles or in a belly-to-belly position. It is worth adding, however, that they are not as gentle creatures as it might seem because male dolphins are considered to be incorrigible and even compulsive rapists! It happens, for example, that males in a group kidnap a female dolphin, drive her to shallower water, and then sexually abuse her. Furthermore, dolphins do not only rape females of their own species, but also sea turtles and porpoises. When dolphins want to breed, the male eagerly clings to the chosen female. During an intense relationship, the couple copulates many times, but this does not stop the male from committing many betrayals! The male dolphin also engages in numerous sexual relationships of a different nature, including male-to-male rapprochement and sex between the young.

Flirting octopuses

Octopuses are probably the most intelligent of all invertebrates. Their reproductive habits are also interesting, often preceded by complex mating behavior. Although a lot can be said on this subject, to put things in a nutshell, the male always starts a fight for the favor of the chosen lady octopus, also initiates copulation. Then he places his body on the body of the female and tightly wraps his arms around the chosen. Then he inserts into her partner's mantle cavity his third, specially adapted for this purpose, arm called a hectocotylus. He then transfers the spermatophore, a sac containing sperm, from the terminal organ of his reproductive tract to the female's mantle cavity. However, studies show that in addition to just reproduction, octocorals have/may have an emotional life. Contrary to popular belief, they are not solitary creatures whose mating customs are reduced to the act of copulation but have a rather rich array of sexual behavior. Researchers at the University of California Berkeley have observed unusual behavior in these invertebrates. Like humans, octopuses also "date," flirt, and even sometimes get jealous of each other! According to research, octopus couples spend many weeks together and do not leave each other's side even by the length of a tentacle length. The male squeezes the female's tentacle, making sure that no rival comes close. Moreover, the male holds the female by the tentacle, guarding her and not allowing any potential rival to come near. In addition, they tenderly embrace, rub, and stroke each other.

Do bears like oral sex?

Some time ago, the media were talking about bears that enjoy oral sex.
This was the behavior of a pair of brown bears living in a reserve for wild bears in Kuterevo, Croatia. The animals were closely observed by biologists for about 10 years. During these observations, a huge number of oral caresses were recorded, during which always the same bear remained on the passive side and the other one on the active side, initiating the closeness. The "donor" bear approached his resting companion, spread his hind paws apart, sat down, and started both licking and sucking his genitals. He would make his characteristic grunting sounds, and the bear's passive side would show muscle spasms that might indicate orgasm. And while headlines in various articles may have suggested that same-sex bears enjoy oral sex, this pair was one of the exceptional cases. Scientists eventually concluded that the behavior of the observed bears was not natural at all. This was described in an article that appeared in the scientific journal Zoo Biology. The most likely explanation for this behavior is that the two, unrelated bears were orphaned as cubs. As a consequence of being deprived too early of their mother's ability to breastfeed, which provides not only an adequate suckling reflex but also a sense of security and bonding, the bears developed a behavioral disorder that persisted into later life. One of them simply recognized that his companion's penis was a nipple …

The lush erotic life of lions

The lion, a carnivorous terrestrial mammal in the panther subfamily of the cat family, is second in size to the tiger among the five big cats. Lions are the only cats that live in organized herd groups. They breed all year round and lead a lush erotic life. When the female comes into heat, her glands begin to secrete an intense scent. The male can smell it, but the female chooses her mate from among the adult lions of the herd. During the mating season, they move away and disappear for a few days, during which they copulate between 20-40 times a day! During the act, the female lies down and the male crouches over her and holds his partner by the nape of the neck with his teeth. During breaks they indulge in affection, licking and tickling each other. In most cases, 1 to 6 cubs are born after a gestation lasting between 100-114 days. The young are cared for by the entire pack. Often, when lionesses go hunting, their cubs are left in the care of one or two "aunts" who care for them until the mothers return. This behavior is unique in the cat family. It has been estimated that for every baby lion cub that lives for one year, there are 3,000 sexual acts performed by its parents.

Common garter snakes throw the biggest orgies

Common garter snakes are a species of snake in the Platyhelminthes subfamily, found in territories from Canada through the United States to Mexico. Once a year, reptiles from all over the area gather in one place and immediately begin copulating. Their mating season is in the spring, and a roost can consist of up to 30,000 individuals! Interestingly, male snakes in such a swarm can secrete female pheromones to lure even more competitors into the orgy. One female is then surrounded and impregnated by hundreds of males. The male's sperm is contained in a gelatinous sheath, giving the sperm the necessary time to fertilize the eggs before the sperm of the female's next partner arrives. The female gives birth to between 12 and up to 80 young after 3 months. Studies have shown that eggs from a single brood contain offspring from at least several different fathers.

The Elephant seal rules the harem

Sea elephants, or southern Miroungas, do not have an easy life during the breeding season. These animals can boast of the largest number of sexual partners. A single male can control a "harem" of up to 50 females, but it happens that a group of partners of a male can count even about 120 females! It does not come easy to them, however, and the effort they have to put into it can be described as being the salve to the erotic drive. The right to create a harem is given only to the largest and strongest males, who can win it for themselves. At the time of reproduction, males become very aggressive, fighting fiercely among themselves for this right as well as for territories and access to females. These clashes are bloody, ending in numerous wounds and later scars. Nor is this the end of the male's struggle! During the four-week breeding season, the harem owner must constantly watch over his females, who are looking for an opportunity to jump aside! This type of behavior and the desire to police the harem means a month of starvation for the male. In turn, a female who is caught trying to escape is severely punished.

Exhausting mating, ending in death

When it comes to sexual matters, an even tougher existence than the one of the elephant seals has some little creatures that are dying out due to rampant sex. Brown antechinus, is found mainly in eastern Australia. It has a small size, the body length without the tail of females is between 7.3 and 11.6 cm, and males are between 8.1 and 14.1 cm. The mating season of these mammals is once a year, in late August or early September. At that time the males leave their hiding places and go in search of females, becoming very aggressive. After the mating season, all the males die due to the stress of searching and fighting for the females. But not only! During the breeding season, the male devotes himself almost exclusively to copulation, forgetting about food, rest, and sleep. After a season filled with constant sex, the weakened immune system of this animal cannot cope with parasites or infections, which eventually leads the males to extreme exhaustion and death.

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