Published 2021-12-08
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A Mysterious Hut Discovered On The Moon! Proof Of Alien Life?

Exploring the crater

Recently, Yutu 2 has been exploring the Von Kármán crater which is a large impact crater that is located on the dark side of the moon. It is about 115-mile-wide (186 km) in diameter and is a part of a huge impact basin known as the South Pole-Aitken basin, which in itself is about 2500 km in diameter and about 13 km deep. A fun fact is that this impact basin is so large it occupies around 23% of the moon circumference. And it was in that crater, at the start of the rovers 36th lunar day that looking north, it spotted the mysterious object and sent an alarm alerting the researchers at the space station.

The Mysterious Hut

When Chinese researchers viewed the images sent by Yutu 2 they were surprised to find a “mysterious hut” in the distance of the crater. The China National Space Administration outreach program Our Space took to the Chinese social network Weixin on December 3rd to announce the discovery. They revealed that the object is about 260 feet (80 meters) away from the Yutu 2 rover. In their post, the researchers revealed that the strange irregularity in the landscape was seen sticking out above an otherwise unremarkable horizon, with a small impact crater next to it. But what could it be? Read on to find out.

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