Published 2021-12-08
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A Mysterious Hut Discovered On The Moon! Proof Of Alien Life?

Speculation About The Object

Of course the main question everyone has about this cube shape is, what the hell is it? Even the Our Space researchers had jokingly asked if it was a home built by aliens after a crash landing or if it was a pioneer spacecraft of the predecessors who used it to explore the moon? Of course, the internet had its say about the mysterious hut, some had been referencing movies and making jokes, and one user wrote, “It looks like a stage, or a set, where they might have faked the moon landing.” Others had been making jokes that it’s nothing more than Elon Musk setting up camp, or that it might be aliens.


When Will We Find Out What It Is?

After discovering such an unusual object, the next logical thing is to get closer and find out exactly what it is. That is exactly what the researchers aim to do. But there is a catch. The rover is powered by solar energy so it stops working for the duration of each lunar night. And given that a lunar 24 hours is equal to a month on Earth, Yutu 2 turns itself off every 2 weeks for that duration. In addition to it, the rover is turned off when the sun passes directly over it to prevent overheating and damage to it. And if that wasn’t enough, it moves very slowly to avoid suffering any damage while traveling through the moon’s unknown terrain covered in debris and craters. So scientists estimate that it might take another 2-3 months until we will get a better idea of what the mystery hut is. Researchers already have an idea what it is but could it be aliens? Find out on the next page.


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