Published 2021-12-09
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Woman Sues Doctor For Being Born And Wins Millions.

Evie Did Not Let It Stop Her

However, despite her condition, the girl has not allowed it to stop her from following her dreams and has formed a career in showjumping, where she has competed against both disabled and able-bodied riders. Besides focusing on her sports career, the young woman has also been educating children about invisible illnesses and she also works at Nottingham University. Evie has also used her social media to teach others about her condition. For her work, she has won the Inspirational Young Person Award at a Well Child charity event in 2018 where she got to meet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. On top of this, she also appeared on ITV’s show “Hidden Disabilities: What’s The Truth?”

Faced Problems At School

Of course, due to her condition, Toombes had faced many difficulties. Due to the number of sick days she had taken from school, be it due to the fact she wasn’t feeling well or because of hospital visits, when it came to sitting down to her A-Levels, which are a UK subject-based qualification for students aged 16 and above. But when it came to 16-year-old Evie starting to prepare for her own, she was banned from returning to Skegness Grammar School because her attendance fell below 50% after she took too many sick days. Once she posted about it on her social media, and local media began covering the story, the school promptly apologized and said that of course, she will be able to sit her exams. But how and why did her condition make the 20-year-old sue her mother’s doctor? Read on to find out.

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