Published 2021-12-10
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Princess Mako Gave Up Her Title And Over A Million Dollars For Love!

Princess Mako has relinquished her title

Princess Mako was extremely popular in Japan even before the news of her wedding came out. Young people, especially girls, had her as their idol and closely followed everything related to the princess. Mako began studying at the International Christian University in Tokyo, and there she met Kei Kumoro at lectures. The man comes "from the people" and no "blue blood" flows in his veins, but that did not stop love. The couple fell in love with each other, and in 2017 there was an engagement. This involved a decision to get married, and its announcement caused quite a stir in Japan. According to local tradition, the princess marrying a commoner means she will cease to be a member of the imperial family, which didn't stop Mako from setting a date for the ceremony in 2018.

Princess Mako's wedding canceled

The princess also announced that she was forgoing all traditional rituals during the ceremony. This fueled the atmosphere of scandal, but the climax was yet to come. The wedding was eventually canceled, with the official reason given as being that the decision to marry was made too quickly. The princess released a statement saying that she and her fiancé needed to plan everything calmly and think about what their life together would look like. She explained that the decision to marry was made public too early and asked for forgiveness due to her immaturity in the matter. However, she did not reveal whether the wedding would be postponed to another date.

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