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Woman Married Ghost Of 300 Year Old Haitian Pirate Claiming He's Jack Sparrow.

When it comes to the paranormal there are many things that are left unexplained. We have already told you stories about a woman who has intimate relations with aliens as well as another lady who has sex with ghosts but now we come to you with a story of a woman who worked as a Jack Sparrow impersonator, and who has married a ghost of a 300-year-old Haitian pirate. The heart wants what it wants, and there was no stopping this pair from tying the knot but just how did this unlikely couple meet? Who exactly is her chosen one? And just how did their relationship unfold? Read on to find out all about Amanda Teague and her husband Jack.

Amanda’s Religious Beliefs

In an interview with The Washington Post, Amanda revealed that she was agnostic before and only started exploring spirituality after her 3-month-old son Thomas had died of sudden infant death syndrome in 2010. Her beliefs, which fall under the umbrella of New Age spirituality, had tested the boundaries of what types of faith people in the Western cultures were willing to accept. She researched several religions but none seemed right to her except Wicca, which is a subset of paganism that teaches oneness with the divine. Though now she identifies generally as pagan although she still feels drawn to some elements of Wicca. But did her beliefs influence her relationship? Read on to find out.

Amanda’s Religious Beliefs

She Is Jack Sparrow?

Amanda, who is from Ireland, worked as a publicist and an entertainment manager but she wanted to supplement her job with some more income and so in 2015 she had started to impersonate Jack Sparrow, who in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies was played by Johnny Depp. According to a Scottish publication, the woman had spent £4000 to look like the famous Disney pirate, which also included donning black dreadlocks, a mustache, and a red bandanna. For a time, she also had “Sparrow” added in her name but later when it came to her marriage, she decided to remove it. And so it seems that this lady has a thing for pirates because the man whom she decided to marry was just that.

Meeting Jack

The woman said she first met the ghost of a 300-year-old Haitian pirate in 2015 when she was meditating. At first, Amanda who was 46 at the time, thought he was rude to interrupt her solitude and so she told him to leave. But he was persistent and showed up again and just like before she asked him to leave. It was upon his return for the third time, that she decided to speak with him. And so they continued to do so for several months. As their relationship grew, the two would go to Dublin for romantic getaways and dates where she would leave an empty seat for him and order his favorite drink which is rum. They would also argue like normal couples and have sex. In an interview, she had admitted that she never saw Jack in physical form but she had imagined him to be similar to Johnny Depp’s Sparrow. But how did their relationship progress? Read on to find out more.

He’s The Real Jack Sparrow?

After talking for much longer, Amanda found that her ghost companion’s name was Jack Teague who she later claimed had inspired the character of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. However, that is something that experts have challenged. A history professor at the University of Central California, David Head, who studies pirates spoke with the Washington Post and revealed to them that he could not find any reference to a real pirate that goes by the name of Jack Tague. He argued that in the 1700s, which is when Amanda claimed her beloved was executed, Haiti was a French colony called Saint-Domingue, and given that Teague is a generically Irish name, he doubts there’s any merit to her claims. Though it is worth pointing out that in Disney’s movies, Edward Teague is the name of Jack Sparrow’s dad.

It’s All Just An Illness?

Of course their relationship had some people raising eyebrows and T.M Luhrmann who is an anthropology professor at Standford University studying the supernatural decided to speak out about Amanda’s case. He reckons that the trauma of losing her young son may have caused Teague to go into a dissociative, trance-like state that can cause dreamlike experiences. Though instead of becoming memories, the experiences someone has while in a trance can remain alive and the person can repeatedly be able to return to them. Though he also added that he is not 100% sure whether the woman is ill or whether she made up this whole store because she wanted to write a book, which she did. She memorialized her relationship in a book titled “A New Attitude” as well as a novel titled “A Life You Will Remember” about a woman named Amanda who encounters Jack Sparrow sleeping in Belfast’s Victoria Square, transported from the past. However, in an interview with The Post, Amanda said she knows that people call her crazy and speculate whether she’s schizophrenic but added that people around the world put their faith into seemingly unlikely stories. Speaking with reporters she said, “If you believe in God or angels if you believe in anything that’s not of this earthly realm, then you believe in spirits. So why would you find what happened to me beyond the realm of possibility?” But how did making their relationship official look? Find out on the next page.

Amanda & Jack’s Wedding

To make their love official Amanda and the 300-year-old Haitian pirate got married on a boat on international waters. During the ceremony, a medium was present who spoke for Jack so that he could give his consent to the marriage. The pair also had a pagan ‘handfasting’ ceremony in which two practitioners of Wicca wrapped cords around the couple’s joined hands to symbolize the binding of the pair. Most of Amanda’s friends at the time were part of the same spiritual circle as she was and they had immediately supported her relationship with Jack, as did her four living children from a previous marriage. Her parents, however, had more questions about their daughter’s relationship though eventually her mother came around and attended the ceremony, but her father didn’t.

Wedding Never Happened?

While the wedding took place on international waters, the officiant filed the legal paperwork with Northern Ireland. However, Winifred McConnell, a registrar in Belfast, spoke with the post and revealed that the wedding on the Atlantic Ocean could not have been registered in Belfast because marriages must be registered in the district where they took place. Whether their marriage was official on paper or not is unknown but what was known was that the woman’s health soon began to deteriorate. Was Jack the reason for her ill health? Read on to find out.

Failing Health

The woman said that she encountered problems about two weeks of marriage when she started getting reoccurring perianal abscesses and she also suffered from cirrhosis. When things got even worse, after four or five months and she went back to some of the mediums that had communicated with Jack. Amanda said she knew the symptoms of possession and a part of that is ill health, and she was worried that was what was happening to her because of the timeline. The woman revealed that each time she would sleep with her ghost husband, she would develop abscesses and once she stopped their sexual relationship, her health would dramatically improve. Though it wasn’t until a few months after when Amanda nearly died after developing sepsis and realized that when her wedding ring came off for surgery that her husband was “stealing her energy”.

Divorcing Jack

After coming that to that realization, the woman confronted her husband but as she claimed, he threatened to kill her if she attempted to break off their spiritual union and that terrified her, seeing this completely different side to the lovely spirit that she had not seen before. Though in her heart she knew that if she didn’t get rid of her beloved her health would get so bad that she would eventually die anyway. And so, Amanda cut all ties with Jack, and then with the help of a self-described shaman, she went through a “soul extraction” which is similar to an exorcism. In the end, Jack was gone and her health improved. Now, Amanda wants to warn others about dabbling in New Age religions. In an interview, she said, “I would really say to people who are thinking about getting into this: ‘Be really, really, really careful,’ And if somebody is not telling you about the dangerous side of it, run a mile.”

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