Published 2021-12-14
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Woman Has Intestines Ripped Out By A Hippo At Famous Farm?! Scandal After A One Star Review.

History Repeats Itself

As the Jouberts write on their website, history likes to repeat itself, and in January 2012, after similar conditions such as in 2000, which included severe weather and flash floods, Tonie had discovered another baby hippo that had washed up on the riverbanks. This one was a male and according to the website, he was even smaller than Jessica with his umbilical cord still attached, which signified that he was only a couple of hours old. With the mother nowhere to be found, the couple decided to save him as well and took him in, giving him the name Richie, also known as Seun which in Afrikaans means son. Though in the case of the male hippo things were a little different and he has to be kept in an enclosure at night for his own protection, from the territorial male hippos that came to visit Jessica. Though as Richie grew, according to the site, he became a strong young boy and has become good friends with Jessica, whom he often engages with when she comes out of the river. The older hippo has accepted the new addition to the farm and the two behave like mother and son.

Jessicas Place

The Jouberts have opened their own farm, called Jessica’s Place where they offer tours for tourists to come in, feed Jessica some snacks and tea as well as have the opportunity to pet her. According to the website, visitors are also able to see Richie though it does not state whether they are able to feed and pet him just like they are with the older hippo. Over time, the farm has become a very popular destination for tourists so that they can get up close and personal with the tamed animals, which out in the wild are much more violent and dangerous, especially given that according to statistics, there are around 500 deaths per year in Africa that are due to hippo attacks. But despite this, Jessica’s Place has never had any negative press, most reviews on Tripadvisor singing the farm and the owners praise and admiring the opportunity they were given to get close to these animals. However, that was until recently, where a woman claimed a visit to the farm has left her traumatized. But what exactly happened? Read on to find out.

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