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Ben Affleck Insulted Jennifer Garner After She Helped Him For Years. Can JLo Help Him With Ruined Image?

The fact that Ben Affleck had struggled with mental health and alcohol addiction in the past is a known thing and one that he has openly talked about his problems in various interviews. It is also known that even after they separated, his ex-wife and mother of his children, Jennifer Garner, was there to support him and even drive him to rehab. In recent years, things have been much better for the Batman actor, especially as he rekindled his romance with Jennifer Lopez. Though in his most recent interview, and the way he had negatively spoken about Garner, has had people turning away from him. What exactly did Affleck say? Why had so many people responded negatively to it? And is his nostalgic relationship with JLo not enough to save his reputation now? Read on to find out the latest news.

Bennifer Revival

Ben Affleck has been through many ups and downs in his life for various reasons, yet it seems that after he and Jennifer Lopez had decided to rekindle their relationship much to the delight of the fans. Back in their hay days, Bennifer was one of Hollywood’s biggest ‘IT’ couples and when the pair got back together in 2021 it was such a nostalgic moment for the fans who had been wondering if the two of them will finally tie the knot. All of a sudden, the press all over the world constantly has the names of Ben and Jen in their headlines and the fans can’t get enough of them, even of their PDA. However, despite the constant positive coverage, could this have now come to an end so badly that even JLo won’t help Affleck? Find out what exactly the Gone Girl actor had said on the next page.

Affleck’s Howard Stern Show Interview

On Monday, December 13th, the 49-year-old actor made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show where he got just a little bit too candid about his struggles with drinking while he was married to Garner. In the interview, he had talked about how he wanted to leave the marriage but he couldn’t because of the fact that the pair had three children and that he didn’t know what to do because he was unhappy and how as a result of this his solution, which he added wasn’t the best one, was to drink a bottle of scotch and fall asleep on the couch.

Ben Blames Jennifer Garner?

Ben did reveal that the two of them had done everything they could to keep their marriage together but as he said the truth was that even as they took their time they still grew apart. He went on to say that they had a marriage that didn’t work and that it happened with somebody that he loves and respects but someone to who he shouldn’t have been married any longer. One of the decisions for their split was that they didn’t a relationship that didn’t work to be the marriage model for their children because as he said his life affects them as well because he and their mom are celebrities. However, there was one phrase in the whole interview, that the actor said that had stuck with people. When speaking about his past marriage he said, “We probably would've ended up at each other's throats. I’d probably still be drinking. It’s why I started drinking...because I was trapped.” Though why exactly has this made fans angry when it came to the Fargo director? Read on to find out.

Family’s Addiction Problems

Of course, when it comes to Affleck and his problems, those are well known by many people, especially his fans or film buffs. Where addiction is concerned that is a problem that has been in the Affleck family for generations. In an interview with People, the actor revealed that one of the reasons he had these problems was that he had a genetic component. Two of his grandparents were alcoholics, as was his father before getting sober. His brother Casey who is also sober has had problems with alcohol. Even Ben himself had said, “it seemed like statistically, the dice were kind of loaded” against him.

The Problem’s Started Before Jennifer

The Justice League star’s own problems had started long before he had met his future wife. According to a 2000 interview with the New York Times, his drinking became a cause for concern when he was 15. At the time his mother had sent him off to an Outward Bound wilderness camp for at-risk teenagers, but the actor revealed that she had first considered a residential recovery program. Things got better for the actor and in his mid-twenties he got sober and in 2001 he had checked himself into rehab where he received treatment for addiction. This helped him maintain his sobriety for a couple of years afterward. In those years he had refused to talk about his struggles which he later described as going through a period where he “drank relatively normally”, for about eight years. But when did things get bad again? Read on to find out.

Not Just Alcohol Problems

But alcohol wasn’t the only addiction issue that Affleck had faced as the actor has a long history when it comes to gamblings both winning and losing millions over the last decade. That came to light in 2001 when he went to rehab seeking help for both alcohol and gambling addiction. Plus in the past, he also admitted to being banned for life from the Hard Rock Casino from playing Blackjack on the premises, after they accused Affleck of card counting and fraud while playing Blackjack, which the actor later admitted to.

Another Stint In Rehab

However, despite getting better, the actor noted that he began drinking more and more until he passed out on a nightly basis. In 2017 he had returned to a residential treatment following a publically documented relapse and intervention and then once again ended up in rehab in 2018. After another ‘slip up’ in his sobriety in 2019, the actor for the most part has kept it on the down-low and there were no new reports of him having any problems. Though given that Affleck and Garner were married from 2005 until 2018, and had three children during that time, it is clear to see that Jennifer was there for him throughout the entire ordeal. But why did his words anger fans so much? Find out on the next page.

Fans Outrage

And of course, the fact that Jennifer was there for him, despite his problems, helping him as she could, was the reason that fans were outraged at his words, essentially blaming their marriage for it all. Many were quick to point out that even years after they had split, Garner was seen driving him to rehab in 2018 and that she was nothing but good to him, putting up with it all, while he continued drinking, gambling, not to mention cheating on her with their nanny, though as Affleck would later reveal, that took place once they were already separated. One Twitter user had said that one of the first rules of AA is to never blame someone else, especially a partner, for your problems with alcohol, adding that if he was so unhappy in the marriage that he resorted to drinking until he passed out every day, then he should have just gotten divorced sooner.

Not Even JLo Can Help

Taking to social media many people had voiced their opinion on Affleck’s interview. Many had commented that in their eyes the actor was simply done for saying things like that about the mother of his children, whom he often said had a great relationship with, and there were many colorful and rude words used to describe him. Some pointed out that Affleck should just have kept his mouth shut and not said anything on this matter because his children are old enough to be able to go online and read about what he had said, adding that surely they will soon hear about it one way or another. It also seems that because of this, even his relationship with Jennifer Lopez had taken a hit with some now saying that the reason the two of them are together is just that they are trying to save their careers. So it looks like right now after the interview, not even his nostalgic relationship with JLo that has had so many thrilled and happy will be able to save his reputation.

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