Published 2021-12-16
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Waitress Given A $4,000 Tip Is Fired From Work!

$100 Dinners Club

When speaking with local news about his initiative Grant Wise who works in real estate, had said that the idea to give large tips to serves was born during the COVID-related shutdowns because he knew many servers who were struggling while left without any work, especially since, across the U.S many servers rely on tips from customers to make ends meet as their pay is low. Wise said that a friend came up with an idea to give back, and so the ‘$100 Dinner Club” was created where everyone present would pitch in $100 as a tip for their waiter. The man had also revealed that the reason he chose the Oven and Tap was that it was his wife’s favorite restaurant.

$100 Dinners Club

Staking The Place Out

Grant revealed that when it came to choosing a place for his conference, he made sure to do some research about the place first. Wise told the reporters that prior to making any arrangements, he called the restaurant beforehand to confirm that the place did not have a policy about sharing tips and when an employee confirmed that they did not have such a policy, the man and his wife moved forward with their plan. But just how did their plan go? Read on to find out.

Staking The Place Out
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