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Thinks She's A Cat Trapped In A Human Body! Hisses In The Streets, Loves To Sleep On The Windowsill

One young Norwegian woman is convinced that she was born into the completely wrong species! She believes she is... a cat trapped in a human body. The woman claims to have many feline abilities and behaviors. She hisses at dogs on the streets, communicates by "meowing", hates water, loves to sleep in the sink and on the windowsill, and claims to see much better at night than during the day! What other animal skills does she possess? When did she realize she had a feline nature? And what does she think it's like to live the life of a cat in a human body? Meet Nano and her world…

She was born into the wrong species

She was born into the wrong species

A lot of people had the chance to hear about a girl named Nano from Oslo, Norway when she gave interviews for NRK P3 Verdens Rikeste Land. There, the 20-year-old told about her rather complicated life. Nano claims to suffer from a bizarre condition due to a genetic defect. And while she may look like a normal girl, she's not, as she claims she was born into the wrong species! As she claims, she is actually a cat! As she revealed, she first realized she was a cat when she was a teenager. From her words, it can be inferred that she discovered her true identity with the help of doctors. As she said: 'I realized I was a cat when I was 16 when doctors and psychologists discovered what was "wrong" with me.’

Feline behavior

In published video footage, Nano begins the interview with a series of "meows." But that's not all, because to reflect her inner cat and animal nature, she wears a pair of pointy ears, a fake long tail, and even has large, pale pink fluffy paws on her hands. At one point in the footage, the camera captures the girl walking across the floor on all fours, leaning on her hands and knees. Then she approaches the window and stares longingly out of it, scratches the frame with her hands like a cat's paw, and whines like a frustrated animal wanting to go outside. Crawling on the floor, Nano explains: 'It's also obvious that I'm a cat when I start purring and meowing. I walk on four paws and stuff.' Nano also emphasized that, like small friendly quadrupeds, she loves to sleep in the sink and on the windowsill, although she did not elaborate, did not demonstrate how she does it, and did not comment on the size of either item.

Has many feline qualities

Talking about her feline nature, Nano revealed that despite having a human body, she has many feline traits. As an example, she cites the fact that cats notoriously have an aversion to water and she is no different in that regard. "I hate water. With water, it's like you have the instinct to wash your face and so on," - she says. According to the 20-year-old interviewee, one of the main benefits of being a cat person is her heightened and sensitive sense of hearing. As she reveals, she can hear much better than regular humans and can see much more than them. As a consequence of this, she focuses on things that normal humans can't. When the presenter asked the girl what she can hear and see that other people find difficult to see she replied: "Suitcases rolling on the ground. Keys making noise in pockets. People with ice crampons under their boots."

Feline behavior

Feline hunting

Moreover, these are not all the feline qualities that Nano is said to possess. As it is known, cats have very good eyesight and even do very well after dark. The girl who is convinced that she was born into the wrong species revealed that: "I can see better in the dark than in daylight. It's not a problem at all. I've done a lot of running after animals that you can see in the shadows." Although the 20-year-old asserts her feline abilities, hunting does not go well for her. As she admitted, she has never been able to catch a mouse despite her best efforts.

Has many feline qualities

Sometimes he hisses in the street

It turns out that Nano is distrustful of other animals, especially dogs. As you can see in the footage, while walking through Oslo's main train station and talking to the presenter, the 20-year-old suddenly started hissing and took a step back. "There's a dog there," - she explained. After a moment she decided to clarify the situation by saying: "Sometimes I hiss when I meet dogs on the street. It's because of their behavior, and my instinct automatically responds by hissing."

Nano's feline soul mate

Aside from the fact that the 20-year-old believes she has the ability to communicate by meowing, she has been quite fortunate to have found a friend who understands her and her feline life. She found a kindred spirit in her best friend, who even made a brief appearance in front of the cameras. According to Nano, her friend Svien has what are called "personalities" and one of them is a cat. "So you were born as a cat, but he became one?" - the presenter inquired inquisitively. To which Nano replied: "He is a human, but he has someone in his head who is a cat, and I was born as a cat." Svien added from his side that they often talk together "in the cat way", meowing to each other. Their communication through cat language was demonstrated by Nano, making three quick meows during the interview, which translated meant: "come on, let's go". Svien, in turn, when asked if he knew what was going on, quickly replied that he understood what Nano was "meowing" to him.

The exhausting cat life

Nano had been living with the full knowledge that she was a cat for less than 5 years at the time of the interview, but the feline traits and behaviors she has have supposedly been with her forever. The girl emphasized that she intends to live the rest of her life (or all nine of them) as a cat. As she said during the report: "My psychologist told me that I can grow out of it, but I doubt it. I think I'm going to be a cat all my life." And what is her daily life like? The 20-year-old described and summarized her cat life as "exhausting," but she was given the opportunity to live a life with "cat acts and cat instincts." The interview is from 2016, so it's been a few years. Loosely counting, now Nano is about 25 years old and may have actually grown out of her beliefs. However, we were unable to find updated information about her life.

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