Published 2021-12-20
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Man Looses Half Of His Skull After Drinking An Energy Drink.

More Complications

The following day the man faced another round of brain surgery. However, as Brianna revealed, there were complications. Austin suffered from strokes, seizures, swelling, and other things that she said none of them (his family) were prepared for. Though she never specified it in her post, it most likely was during one of the surgeries that the doctors had removed part of Austin’s skull during surgeries, though a reason for it wasn’t given. And while it was a difficult time for everybody, it was even more so for Brianna who was expecting. In the post she wrote, “There was a moment, sitting by his hospital bed, just praying he would be okay, that I knew I would never give up on him. No matter how messy our life would become. I was going to be by his side through all of it."

More Complications

The Big Day Is Here

Brianna had stayed by her husband’s side in the hospital for two weeks, constantly wondering if he would survive and get better or if he would be taken from them. Though after those 2 weeks the family had made their way back to their home and that was when another challenge had started for the woman. She went into labor yet there were no changes in Austin’s condition who she said was still in a coma. It was a difficult time for the woman as that is not how she imagined the day. From the start, she had planned on having Austin beside her, holding her hand. As Brianna delivered their son, she wrote that a miracle had happened because as the baby was born, her husband woke up. But would this be the end of their problems? Read on to find out.

The Big Day Is Here
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