Published 2021-12-20
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Chirs Noth Under Fire With More Assault Claims! Will Close Friend Sarah Jessica Parker Remain Silent?

Chris Noth Responds

Since the first two accusations had come to light, the actor has said that the allegations made by individuals who he had met years, even decades ago, were “categorically false” in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter which later was confirmed by his reps. The 67-year-old went on to add that the encounters were consensual adding that it is difficult to not question the timing of the stories, adding that he has no idea for certain why the women are making them public now but adding that what he knows is that he did not assault the women who made the allegations.

Past Accusations Resurface

Though in light of the brand new accusations that the three women had made about Noth, one from the past has also resurfaced. The past accusation came from 1995 and it was reported by his supermodel ex-girlfriend Beverly Johnson who at the time had accused him of ‘beating her’, ‘making death threats' against her, and ‘threatening to disfigure her’. The article which first reported on it was originally published by the National Enquirer and was brought to light by an Instagram account Diet Prada. According to the article Johnson, who is now, 69 alleged that Noth whom she dated between 1990 and 1995, also added that the actor had even ‘vowed to kill her dog’. At the time that Beverly had made those claims, she had tried to get a restraining order against Chris who at the time was a star on the hit series Law & Order and who strongly denied these accusations, yet no criminal charges were ever filed against the star. In light of all this, others soon started moving away from Noth. Who exactly? Read on to find out.

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