Published 2021-12-22
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What can be done with a body after death? Diamond or compost from a corpse!

Cremation of remains

The law allows for the cremation of the body. We can decide that we want to be cremated after death, and while we are still alive we can make the appropriate statement to the people who will take care of the funeral. In this case, you can also go to a notary, so that our statement will be legally binding, and the notary will guarantee that it was made by a person of a sane mind. The family of the deceased can also decide to use cremation, even if the deceased did not give the appropriate instructions before his or her death. Statistics show that in the US, cremation is the preferred method of burial. The number of institutions providing cremation services is roughly around 1,500. There aren’t any strict laws against spreading ashes in public, however, if someone wants to spread ashes on private property they need the owner’s permission. Given that Disney World is such a nostalgic place many people go to spread their ashes there yet it is something that the parks have strictly prohibited and doing so can get you kicked out.

Cremation of remains

Burial at sea

The USA is one of the countries that allow burials at sea, as an alternative to burying the deceased in the ground. However, here there are clear guidelines with regards to scattering ashes in the ocean. Burials at sea are covered by the Clean Water Act and there are specific regulations that must be followed. In order to spread the ashes, a person must be at least three nautical miles from shore and in water that is at least 600 feet deep. When the ashes are being scattered only decomposable items such as wreaths or flowers may be added to the water.

Burial at sea
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