Published 2021-12-23
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Teen Killed His Pregnant 13-Year-Old Girlfriend! Won't Have A Criminal Record Or Face Consequences?

Searching For Patrycja

Right away, the girl’s family, friends, and dozens of police officers from Piekary, Bytom, Knurow, and the provincial headquarters in Katowice searched for her. Her boyfriend, Kacper, joined the police and family and friend to help search for her and he drove around with them, visiting her friends and pointing out potential witnesses. At that part in their investigation, police, and everyone involved, were still hoping that Patrycja had simply run away and was hiding somewhere for the night.

Case Breakthrough

The breakthrough in the case came when police had reached a witness who had seen the teen on the bus. However, she wasn’t alone but with Kacper. This fact undermined the boy’s credibility in the eyes of the investigators. According to the police spokesperson, the teen later changed his version more than once, claiming that he did actually go on the bus with her and that later they went to a secluded wasteland for a walk to talk but that some stranger attacked them. He ran away, leaving the girl behind, but after that many different versions of the story had come into play. But what had actually happened? Find out on the next page.

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