Published 2021-12-30
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Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty! Prince Andrew Is Next?

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Reaction

According to reports from the media outlets present, as the verdict was read, Maxwell was sitting in front of a group of her siblings and showed little visible reaction to what the judge was saying, only pouring herself a glass of water. Shortly after the verdict, Ghislaine’s legal team said they were already working on an appeal. Her lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, speaking with reporters had said, “We firmly believe in Ghislaine’s innocence.”

Ghislaine Maxwell - The Trial

The 60-year-old disgraced socialite was accused of recruiting and grooming four teenagers between 1994 and 2004 for her former boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein. During the trial, her attorneys had attempted to undermine the credibility of the women testifying, arguing that they were only motivated to implicate Maxwell because all four of them had received million-dollar awards from a compensation fund for Epstein’s victims. The women in turn had disputed their claims, saying that they had decided to testify out of a desire for justice and not money. One of the victims, known by her first name Carolyn, had said during the trial that money would never fix what the woman had done to her. But now that Maxwell was convicted, will that change anything in the lawsuit against Prince Andrew? Read on to find out.

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