Published 2021-12-30
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15-Year-Old Died Of Starvation. Parents Refused To Help Him?

The Next Hospital Visit

The next hospital visit took place in 2003 when Alexandru was just 5-years-old and he and his family were living in British Columbia. He was admitted suffering from hypoglycemia and at the time his mother had told doctors that they had not taken him for medical care for two years. The doctor noted that the boy was “within one day of death”. After that, Alex was placed in foster care where he had remained throughout 2004. In December that year, a judge in British Columbia ruled that Alexandru could be returned to his parents. At the time, judge J.G Cohen had said that the Radita’s had accepted the diagnosis of diabetes and would treat their son. They were also under the watchful eye of schoolteachers and a family doctor who would notify authorities if his condition changed. Even though his social-worker Patricia MacDonald fought against that decision, the boy returned to live with his parents in January 2005.

The Next Hospital Visit

Father’s Forum Posts

During the court case letters written by the boy’s father, Emil Radita were brought up. He posted them to an online message board for the Romanian community in 2004 indicated that there was nothing in his religious beliefs that barred him from seeing doctors. However, the issue was the fact that he had developed a deep mistrust of them in Canada after claiming Alex had been forcibly handled at a hospital. He wrote that his son’s “diabetes” had been misdiagnosed, and he accused doctors of “teaming up against us” to tear apart their family. He further went on to write, “We believe in God and His power of healing, but we know also God is the One who organizes everything on Earth, and therefore, doctors are in His plan too. But confessing that in the front of one doctor, cost us time spent in the front of a court of justice, 4 times in 3 years, and we are not done yet. Family Services want to take one of my boys from us.” But did anything change in the boy’s life? Read on to find out.

Father’s Forum Posts
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