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The Prophecies Of The Queen Of Sheba Are Already Coming True. When Will The World End?

There have been some historians who have questioned the existence of Queen Makeda, or more commonly known as the Queen of Sheba, or whether any prophecies attributed to her actually were made by her. Others have posited that not only was this really the case but that those prophecies she had talked about, have come true. The Queen of Sheba was said to predict events that can actually be found in history. With them, she warned that one-day people would face overpopulation and climate catastrophes…which were supposed to have been a prediction of the end of the world. But who exactly was she? Which of her prophecies has come true? And according to those prophecies, what’s next for us in store? Read on to find out.

Who Is the Queen Of Sheba?

Makeda was the queen of Sheba. The place, on the other hand, was a kingdom located in the Arabian Peninsula and it included the area of present-day Yemen. Her alleged prophecies have been considered to date back to 875 BC when she had visited King Solomon to tell him of her visions concerning the fate of the world. She came to his court because she was impressed by his wisdom and to talk about everything that troubled her. And each time, the King had asked his chronicler to have them written down. The monarch of Sheba has been mentioned in the holy books of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. But what were some of the things that she had prophecized that had happened? Read on to find out.

Different Version Of Events

However, in contrast, some other traditions portray the meeting of the two monarchs somewhat differently. In them, it was Solomon who had questions for Makeda. He had asked her about the fate of his kingdom, humanity, and the world. In the texts about their meeting, the Queen of Sheba had warned Solomon about what she saw as a weakening of the bonds in society. She spoke of how people would one day stand against each other, which would, in turn, fuel wars and conflicts. According to what she told him, marriages will begin to break up and women will become independent and liberated. People will start chasing money and to support themselves, they will work even on holy days.

She predicted the fate of the Jews

One of her predictions was with regards to the fate of the Jewish people. Makeda had predicted that after Solomon’s death, the kingdom he ruled would be divided into two parts. In fact, around 931 BC, the country was divided into two separate kingdoms: the kingdom of Judah located in the south and with its capital being Jerusalem, and the kingdom of Israel with its capital Samaria. The Queen of Sheba had also told Solomon that there would be frequent conflicts, assaults, and as a result, the people would turn away from God. Now looking at history, there were indeed disagreements and conflicts between the feuding kingdoms. As for her last prophecy concerning the Jewish people, she had said that people would be destroyed and would wander the world. Some have come to understand this as a harbinger of the Jewish Diaspora, the absence of a state of their own, and the Holocaust of World War II.

The Birth & Death Of Jesus

One of her other prophecies had said that one day a Messiah would be born, one who would save mankind from original sin, and that his birth would take place near Jerusalem. According to the monarch, the Messiah was to teach people and perform miracles. Though one day people would reject him, accuse him, and condemn him to death and he would die while hung on a cross. She had also prophecized that this Messiah would be resurrected. Which very much is exactly the story of Jesus Christ.

Other Prophecies

Some of the Queen of Sheba’s other prophecies involved something that would divide Christians which many have understood to be the Christian reformations and her prophecy “Brother with turn against brother” can be read as the religious wars that Catholics and Protestants fought over many years. It was also alleged that she foresaw the birth of an important historical figure, namely Napoleon Bonaparte.

Other Events That Had Come True

She also foretold overpopulation, which would lead to a lack of food for everyone which would lead to inequality in the world and a greater divide between the rich and the poor. One of the events that the end of the world is coming is dangerous climate change, which many interpret as a foreshadowing of the climate crisis. The Queen of Sheba has also foretold both world wars as she said that in the future there would be a global armed conflict.

Predicting The End Of The World

Of course one of the prophecies that the Queen of Sheba is most known for is predicting the end of the world. One of the things that King Solomon allegedly had asked Makeda was would the world still exist and when the final day would come. She replied that before that day would come there would be signs that the end of days was imminent. According to the prophecy, there were seven signs. The first sign would concern animals. According to the Queen “, all living creatures will sweat blood so that the drops of blood will cover all flesh and flow down with great suffering”. The second sign would be for heaven. The Queen of Sheba prophesied that the moon will “change and will appear from the east, causing fear and fright in the hearts of men so that they will do penance and pray.” What were the other signs, and what do some people think it means? Read on to find out.

Signs About The End Of The World

One of the third signs will be significant changes in the sky such as the sun, moon, and stars shining red. As a result, people will break their hands in despair and lift up their eyes to heaven in sorrow to show their grief. God will send drought and according to the Queen all the trees and plants will dry up. The fifth sign is supposed to involve the collapse of the Earth, according to the prophecy, in the collapsed places fires and fumes will come out, and people will doubt everything and wait for death. The sixth sign would be rising water at which point it is prophesized that people will die of fear.

Interpretations Of The Signs

The final sign would be the face of the earth moving with the mountains and the hills level and cave in and the people will not know where they are and “will be spooked like misguided sheep”. According to what the Queen of Sheba told King Solomon, these signs will foretell the Last Judgement however, before that, the Antichrist will come into the world who will teach and draw people away from their faith. Some people have understood these prophecies to be foretelling World War III however many have agreed that it could be in relation to the global climate crisis, especially with regards to the drought as well as many other natural disasters taking place around the world such as hurricanes and floods which experts have claimed are getting worse with each year.

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