Published 2021-12-31
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The Prophecies Of The Queen Of Sheba Are Already Coming True. When Will The World End?

Different Version Of Events

However, in contrast, some other traditions portray the meeting of the two monarchs somewhat differently. In them, it was Solomon who had questions for Makeda. He had asked her about the fate of his kingdom, humanity, and the world. In the texts about their meeting, the Queen of Sheba had warned Solomon about what she saw as a weakening of the bonds in society. She spoke of how people would one day stand against each other, which would, in turn, fuel wars and conflicts. According to what she told him, marriages will begin to break up and women will become independent and liberated. People will start chasing money and to support themselves, they will work even on holy days.

She predicted the fate of the Jews

One of her predictions was with regards to the fate of the Jewish people. Makeda had predicted that after Solomon’s death, the kingdom he ruled would be divided into two parts. In fact, around 931 BC, the country was divided into two separate kingdoms: the kingdom of Judah located in the south and with its capital being Jerusalem, and the kingdom of Israel with its capital Samaria. The Queen of Sheba had also told Solomon that there would be frequent conflicts, assaults, and as a result, the people would turn away from God. Now looking at history, there were indeed disagreements and conflicts between the feuding kingdoms. As for her last prophecy concerning the Jewish people, she had said that people would be destroyed and would wander the world. Some have come to understand this as a harbinger of the Jewish Diaspora, the absence of a state of their own, and the Holocaust of World War II.

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