Published 2022-01-04
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Disgusting Things Found In Food - Mice, Condoms...

Condom in a Big Mac

The Big Mac is the most famous sandwich at the famous chain with the logo in the shape of a large letter M. It was also William Smith's favorite burger in Easton, Pennsylvania until the American found a condom between the buns that looked like a used one. The staff offered several discount coupons for other meals at the establishment as an apology. Mr. Smith, however, did not accept the gift and decided to sue McDonald's, claiming that after the incident he suffered from emotional disturbance. However, the complaint was rejected by the court.


Syringe needle in Burger King sandwich

Angelica Cruz, who in 2001 ordered a breakfast sandwich with sausage and egg and a surprising addition in the form of a syringe needle, will always remember to be on guard at Burger King restaurants. The sharp medical waste pierced her cheek while she was eating, and the woman sued the restaurant for $11 million in damages after this trauma. However, it is not known what the finale of this case was.

Condom in a Big Mac
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