Published 2022-01-05
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Disgusting & Odd Habits Of Roylas. Sleeping With Corpses, Throne Combined With A Toilet, And More.

Charles VI, king of France thought he was made of glass

Charles VI was born on December 3, 1368, in Paris and also died there, on October 21, 1422. He was the son of King Charles V of France and Joanna of Bourbon. He himself became king of France and ruled from 1380 to 1422. He began experiencing attacks of psychosis in his twenties. About 10 years into his reign, he began to lose his mind, and he suddenly developed a mental illness that would not leave him until his death. The times of his reign were interspersed with periods of his madness and lucidity. Charles VI called the Beloved and later Mad claimed to be made of glass and was not to be touched. He was afraid of sudden movements because he thought he might shatter and did everything to protect himself from this. He reportedly had iron rods sewn into his clothes so that he would not shatter if he came in contact with another person. As a result of his progressive illness, he stopped preferring to bathe and rarely washed. In 1405, he did not change his clothes for almost six months.

King Henry VIII of England and a bowel movement servant

King Henry VIII Tudor of England (reigned from April 21, 1509, to his death in 1547) is best known for splitting the Roman Catholic Church and establishing the Church of England, independent from the pope but subordinate to the king of England. He also made history by having his two wives sentenced to death and executed by beheading, and by taking his bowel movements very seriously. He had a special servant who was in charge of carrying a portable toilet behind the monarch. This allowed the king to defecate wherever he went. The person in this position also had to be constantly vigilant, watching the king during meals, how much he ate, and under what circumstances, to anticipate the moment when Henry VIII would need his services. While such a job may seem like something strange and horrible today, at the time it was a very responsible, respected job and also one of the more sought-after positions at the English court. The king's valet had intimate access to the monarch, had the right to live in the castle, and received a high salary.

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