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Published 2022-01-05
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Funeral Director Secrets - Exploding Bodies, Parts Salvaged For Scraps & More!

More Ways To Save On The Costs

Of course, there are plenty of other fees involved in such ceremonies and in the days leading up to the funeral. Especially with those involving embalming and preparation. Some funeral directors have a trick for people who want to save money on this. The embalming process, which involves injecting the formaldehyde embalming solution into the carotid artery via a small tube connected to the embalming machine, is not always necessary if the people do not plan to have an open coffin viewing or plan to bury or cremate the body shortly after their loved ones had passed from this world. Skipping this process saves money but, should someone still wish to have a close casket viewing, one funeral director revealed that it’s not actually necessary for the body to be there unless the family requests it, and so without the body there the family won't have to pay for the mortician's services thus saving more money.

Exploding Caskets

Though as it turns out, going for the most expensive options might not be the best option either. Some caskets that have vacuum-seal rubber gaskets are being marketed towards people as “protective” or as resistant to the “entry of outside elements”. This is something that Mark Harris talked about in his book ‘Grave Matters’, where he explained that they create conditions that in a way encourage the growth of anaerobic bacteria which break the body down which in turn “turns soft body part to mush and bloats the corpse with foul-smelling gas”. And as it turns out, that trapped gas creates something that people in the industry call “exploding casket syndrome” and as the name clearly suggests, it causes the coffins to explode and the doors of crypts to be blown off. Harris spoke with a former cemetery owner who revealed that those protective caskets are “routinely unsealed after the family leaves so that they relieve the inevitable buildup of the gases”. But prior to burial, do funeral directors use any common house items to prepare the body? Read on to find out.

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